A little bit of drama here and there

Ok, I’ve been absent for sufficiently long now. I was so sick and miserable. Good grief! Even the dog got sick! It was one thing after the other. In the end I just melted down in tears, wondering if any of us would ever be healthy again. God, I can be so dramatic sometimes. I pestered the doctor about three times with all sorts of odd symptoms and even managed to get samples sent to the lab, just to be sure. All results were clear. And in the end, big words were thrown around like “anxiety disorder” and “mysophobia”, after going through an increasing rate of frantic cleaning and disinfection of our entire home. My hands still show signs of excessive washing. It’s not pretty.

I even got hold of a burner to sanitize the grass in the yard where the dog does his business …

gas burner women's gardening gloves wooden bench yard garden
burned grass moss burnt spots

This is getting embarrassing. I’m actually laughing about it now. But I wasn’t laughing last week!

Now that I’ve calmed down and given it some thought, I suppose this is my way of claiming control over things, after dealing with a traumatic situation I had zero control over. I’m okay though, no worries. I just need to learn to relax a bit now. And hey, let’s look at the bright side: the house is super clean now!

In other sad news: Gert’s cousin’s dog passed away a few days ago (on Friday the 13th – how unfortunate). There was a picture of him in my Christmas post 3 months ago. And here’s an old one from 5 years ago:

beagle dog big tall adult male

Luca decided to go quietly of old age while his masters were abroad on holiday. I can’t imagine how painful it must be to return home without him, and not having been able to be there at the very end to say goodbye. I sent them a card this morning and I hope my words will bring some comfort. I know how important he was to them.

pet grieving card sympathy dog loss animal cat

That’s about it for now. So much for the “fun new updates” I was talking about in my previous post, right?

♥︎ Lisa