A little health update

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I went to the hospital on Wednesday for a postpartum checkup and to discuss the future a bit. To be honest, it kind of felt like a waste of time. I was supposed to have an ultrasound … But because I had been to the ER 2 weeks after giving birth, I was told that the very detailed ultrasound they did back then had provided enough information to see that everything was healing fine and that unless I felt any pain, there was no reason to do yet another ultrasound now. After that, I asked about the possible in depth genetic tests that had been discussed last time as a precaution before the next pregnancy. And they said that since what happened didn’t have anything to do with genetics, there’s basically no point doing tests at all. At that point I was wondering why they even asked me to come.

Sooo … what they did end up checking was my blood pressure (which was fine), and my abdominal muscles, which are apparently okay (although I think they’re merely a shadow of what they used to be). They also drew some blood to see if everything is levelling back alright.

I’ve been dealing with swollen fingers since the last trimester of my pregnancy. I was hoping this issue would have subsided by now. But they still swell up at night and are hard to bend when I wake up in the morning, which is a bit painful. Apparently this can happen for up to three months after giving birth. So it looks like I have another month to go, as I see no sign of immediate change. My wedding ring still doesn’t fit :-(

swollen fingers wedding ring no longer fits postpartum after pregnancy water retention

I also noticed an increase in freckles / sunspots on my skin during pregnancy. The doctor said that part of them should vanish, while others could stay for good. *Lovely*

Then of course we talked about our future baby plans. After Sam was born, I instantly felt the urge to get baby #2 started. Now that the hardest part is behind us, I don’t have that feeling of urgency anymore. The doctor said that from a strictly physical point of view, we could start trying as early as now. Even though ideally, my body would need a few more months to build up its maximum nutrient and vitamin reserves that got depleted from this past pregnancy. But still, if we really wanted to, there wouldn’t be much holding us back right now. I think my body could use little rest though, and Gert agrees it’s best to let some time pass first. Besides, it will be nice to take a break from the hospital. I don’t exactly enjoy going there. And they said that a future pregnancy would be monitored much more closely. So I’m in no rush to sign up for 9 months of frequent hospital trips.

I still need to get started on physical therapy to strengthen my abdominal muscles and hips. I could have started 2 weeks ago, but still haven’t made that step of calling to schedule my first appointment. Blah. The doctor did say that there’s no rush. So that made me feel a bit less guilty!

All in all, we’re doing alright. I get the impression that Gert struggles a little more than me, and I think it’s due to the fact that he bumps into a lot more people every day than I do, and gets asked more frequently how he’s doing and such. As for me: even though I have a coping mechanism made of titanium, I seem to be dealing with some strange “side effect”: forgetfulness. I forget so much these days, it freaks me out sometimes. I forget where I put stuff, I forget whether I’ve turned off the iron, I forget things I was gonna go get in another room, and things I was about to say in a conversation. And even while I’m typing this, I have to proof-read it several times to fill in the blanks … because there are words and sometimes even whole parts of my sentences missing. It’s almost like my brain is unable to process the flood of thoughts these days and has started to randomly leave out bits and pieces. It’s so bizarre. I suppose it will get better with time.

At least I hope so.

♥︎ Lisa