A much needed update!

I can’t believe I’ve neglected this blog for so long. I’ve been meaning to write an update every now and then, but life got so busy with the children. This whole “stay-at-home mom” thing is no joke! It is getting better now in the sense that my body seems to build up stamina the more hectic it gets. So, even though the rhythm here at home is still relentless, I seem to be coping with it better than 6 months ago. The only thing that still feels heavy at the moment is my inability to focus on anything properly, due to being constantly interrupted. I literally cannot sit down and drink a cup of coffee or eat a simple meal in one go. And then of course my lack of sleep adds up on top of it all. Brenn cried from 3:30AM to 5AM last night. I think his third tooth is coming through. Needless to say I’m a zombie this morning. But they’re both sitting together on a play mat right now and actually entertaining each other quite peacefully … A welcome little break for me until the next bottle of milk in 20 minutes.

I still take as many pictures as before with my beloved Canon. But the uploads are happening much more sparsely now. I would say about every 4 months or so. It seems so crazy to me that I used to upload pictures almost daily before the children were born. I do miss it. It was a lovely hobby and I’m craving to get back into it as soon as I can.

For now, I felt like sharing the latest additions that I purchased for my home. I know it must seem like a very random thing to blog about after so many months of silence lol But there is a hidden frustration behind it: Emery is 2 years old now and has declared war on my entire home decor! I’ve had to put so much away. Our living space is looking very bare at the moment. It’s slightly depressing. I hope his little brother will be a bit gentler with it all once he starts walking. I’ve also compensated the lack of interior decoration by focusing on flowers in the yard and at the window sils.

I’ve been on the hunt for pretty things to add indoors once hurricane Emery has settled a bit. Something to look forward to, if you will. It’s not much so far. But I enjoy window shopping online and carefully choosing my items one by one. It’s cheesy and it’s all white, but you know me …

Both hangers are from Sass & Belle, and both pillows are from Zara Home. I got almost everything on sale, because that’s how I roll. I still have many things on my wish list that I’m drooling over. Just waiting for the right discount or coupon code to come along. Hehe.