I was born in Belgium and lived in the States for several years. Mostly in North Carolina, and then in New York for a short while. So my brain functions like an American, while my heart is a bit stuck on the old continent. I moved back to Europe where I married the love of my life 4 years ago. We then expected our little boy Sam to arrive around the end of September 2014, but were left in utter shock when he passed away only a few days shy of his due date. His little brother Emery arrived safely 2 years later.

This blog is has turned into my full virtual life log, where I share my daily life, my interests, my home, my wardrobe, and all my ups and downs.

lisakristie lisa kristie portrait white blue 2015

I’m an optimist at heart and forever a creative mind, no matter what medium. My passions include writing, drawing, sculpting, you name it. Every once in a while I go all crazy and write a song here and there. I like puppies, pastries, tea, fleece blankets, I’m strangely obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, and if the world around me could look like a Desperate Housewives set – permanent sunny weather and all – I’d be one happy lady!

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lisakristie lisa kristie portrait white blue 2015