Alice in Wonderland diy bag

I’ll be on forced rest from now on until we’re done having children. Because of everything we’ve been through, any future pregnancy will be considered high risk. That’s why we decided to get all the physically straining stuff out of the way this Summer (such as our home renovation projects), so that I wouldn’t have to lift a finger if I expect another baby between now and whenever. So … I’m now stuck at home until further notice, with plenty of time on my hands. Perfect to start some fun diy projects.

I’ve been meaning to improve my sewing skills for over a year. My initial plan was to make a skirt from scratch. Unfortunately, my hips just wouldn’t cooperate. One month I’d wear a euro size 40, then a size 42, then my good old 38, then I’d go back to 40. The rest of my body has remained quite consistent through my whole pregnancy ordeal, but my hips obviously have a mind of their own. So clearly, making a skirt was not a good idea.

That’s why it’s probably wiser for me to focus on more practical things that aren’t size-related; like bags and decoration items. I found this really easy drawstring bag tutorial here. The perfect starter’s project! These basic drawstring bags will come in handy whenever we go on vacation again, as I use these types of bags to wrap my shoes in.

Since I’m quite ambitious, I’ve decided that once I get good enough, I want to attempt making my own small backpack / rucksack (which I realized I needed when we were visiting Croatia). Either a simple drawstring model, or if I’m adventurous enough, then perhaps something more elaborate. I don’t know yet. But it will HAVE TO BE Alice themed! It’s no secret that I have a bit of a thing for Alice in Wonderland. So here are some awesome Alice-related fabrics and supplies I found:

alice in wonderland white rabbit hare queen of hearts deck of cards fabric pattern cross stitch inspiration board collage ribbon pins buttons charms sewing ideas project craft diy

Links to the items:
Card army fabric ♣︎ White rabbit charm ♠︎ Red hearts fabric
Gold clock charms ♥︎ Character names fabric ♦︎ Cross stitch pattern
Alice in Wonderland characters fabric ♠︎ Card soldiers ribbon ♣︎ Set of badges

I was thinking about adding some cross stitched decoration on the front flap, and maybe even on the shoulder straps. This is the kind of bag I have in mind at the moment:
city backpack rucksack daypack tutorial fabric diy sewing project craft cotton handmade


I love the idea of owning more bags that are 100% fabric. I get easily grossed out by handbags these days, because let’s face it, we don’t always realize in how many gross places we put them; including on the floor under our chair at the restaurant or in fitting rooms at the store. So, I’ve really learned to appreciate bags that are machine washable. Nice and clean! ✨💫