Baby 2018: Pregnancy Week 12

I’ve officially started my second trimester now, and I’m well aware that this is only my second update so far on the matter. It’s not neglect, and it’s not a lack of enthusiasm or anything like that. I’m purposely trying to keep my anxiety at bay, while trying to remain as laid back and relaxed about it as possible. It’s not easy. Fears and worries tend to surface quite easily. I found that keeping myself busy with other things is the best remedy. Appointments still cause a lot of stress, and I can feel my heart beating really fast before the ultrasound starts. I imagine we’ll find no heartbeat, or that the baby will be way behind in terms of growth, or that they’ll find something wrong with the heart, or brain, or any other major organ.

Our last appointment to date was this past Tuesday, August 29th. We had a very detailed ultrasound, which kind of dragged on for a little longer than I would have liked. They kept trying to remeasure things. At one point, a professor joined in and redid the entire ultrasound. They weren’t saying much, except for the occasional “that looks fine”. I believed them at first, but as it dragged on and on, I started to wonder what the freaking problem was. At the end, they basically confirmed that everything seemed normal. We clearly saw a little something between the legs … lol The doctor said that both genders have this at 12 weeks, but it looked so much like Sam and Emery at that exact same stage that I’m thinking we might be having a boy, again. Haha! We’ll see. I’m cool either way. I was thinking a girl at the very beginning of this pregnancy, but it was by no means a preference. Just a hunch. If it’s a boy, I’ll be just as happy. Besides, we’ll get to reuse all of Emery’s clothes, which will save money.

We’ll know for sure next week when the blood test results come back. They didn’t do that before. It was different with Emery, less than 2 years ago. But the system has changed, and so now they do a much more thorough blood test to check for any potential issue. Accessorily, the gender is also included, but only revealed if we want to, of course. Which we absolutely do! Hah! If finding a name for this one turns out to be as big of a headache as it was with Emery, we’ll need all the extra time we can get. One thing I’m very much set on is to not recycle any names we had in mind for either Sam or Emery. Before Emery was born, any names that were on our idea list for Sam were discarded and we came up with a bunch of other new options. I’m planning to do the same with this one.

So anyway, here are the adorable profile shots we got to take home:

I really love 12 week ultrasounds. The baby is still small enough to get beautiful shots from any possible angle. It gets more difficult later on in pregnancy to see the face as clearly. Baby was moving really gently and beautifully. There was something very soft about it. It kind of reminded me of Sam. Nothing like Emery, who was an absolute firecracker. The little hands moved around the face, then they crossed in front of its chest. That baby looked so sweet and peaceful in there.

As for the stats: the little heart was beating at 171 BPM, and Baby measured 6cm. Emery was 5.9cm and Sam was 6.6cm. Interesting, right?

I’m not planning to post weekly updates about this pregnancy, because it’s a little too much and I’d rather focus on other things for now, while (hopefully) Baby keeps growing well in there. But, who knows, maybe at some point I’ll change my mind and start updating more frequently. We’ll see. I’ve become less strict about my blogging regimen, and it’s been a nice break, to be honest. Even though I have to admit it is nice to have all the old blog posts to look back on and reminisce. It is less of a priority once there’s a live baby to take care of at home. That’s a good thing! 🙂

More later!