Beautiful Cherry Blossoms!

I love and adore our neighborhood around this time of the year. The cherry blossoms are in bloom and it’s so gorgeous! I have big plans for our yard in the future, and part of it includes planting at least one cherry blossom tree so we can admire this pink beauty from our living room each Spring. This Summer though, we’ll start by painting the wooden garden shed in the back. It will already improve our view a little. Although ideally, we should landscape the entire yard, get rid of some trees, plant some smaller trees, pave a little path way that goes from our patio to the garden shed, maybe add some fencing here and there, etc. A lot of work on our to-do list, basically! But my very own cherry tree; I will have it one day! 🌸🌸🌸 Hehe 😊

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cherry blossoms flowers closeup tree pink petals beautiful spring april europe belgium branch