Beautiful Memories

As 2016 has just started, I’ve been busy backing up all our pictures from 2015, as I do yearly around this time. It seems we take more and more photos each year. The amount we have accumulated so far is a bit overwhelming. At this point I’m just glad I stayed on top of it all and have everything neatly organized and backed up. After I finished up the last details of my 2015 folder, I started going through our entire photo collection and reminisced about our very first vacation together in 2009. I can’t believe it’s almost been 7 years! Where did the time go?

Ever since I started this blog in 2013, we’ve actually only been on one vacation since; which was in Croatia this past Summer. Our most beautiful trips happened before my blog, and so they have never been posted here. I feel like sharing them one by one in the next few months, because they are really beautiful memories to look back on.

Italy was our very first vacation together as a couple. The ultimate test, basically. Were we going to get along while being with each other 24/7 during one whole week for the very first time? Haha! It was exciting! I had never been to Italy before. We spent an entire week around the Amalfi Coast area and stayed in Sorrento for the most part. We visited Capri, Positano, and the impressive ruins of Pompei, as well as the Vesuvius volcano. We had such a grand time there. The weather was amazing, and as for our relationship test: we passed it successfully! 😄 Not one argument, not one disagreement. Only beautiful memories. 💕 I guess that’s when I knew for sure that we were going to last. And after all, what more romantic place to spend your first vacation together than Italy, right? *sigh* It feels like yesterday yet also like an eternity ago. Does that even make sense?