Black & White Purchases

I’ve been keeping an eye out for bargains lately and it paid off. I got 3 dresses + 1 pair of ankle booties for less than 50€ total! How crazy is that? I’d never find such good deals at local stores. My new favorite web store is New Look; that’s where I got 3 out of the 4 items I bought. Now, I was looking over my orders and realized that they are all black and white … This was definitely not intentional. I guess I happened to be in a black & white kind of mood! In any case, I’ve vowed myself that any future purchase will include more color, before my wardrobe turns into a black & white fest. But I have to admit there’s something about this contrasting combination that I love. Now, I’m almost 8 months pregnant so there’s obviously no chance in Hell I could fit into these right now, but I can’t wait!!! The floral dress will be my main motivation to get that belly flat again! The model is shorter than me, so the dress should actually hit right above my knees, which is the perfect length.

black and white contrast clothing fashion purchases newlook new look asos dress striped floral pattern knit knee length ankle booties
-1- New Look Black Grid Check Pleated Dress- Was 29.99€ / Bought for 9€
-2- ASOS Club L Wrap Front Midi Dress in Bold Mono Floral- Was 16.90€ / Bought for 14.08€
-3- New Look Black Quilted Panel Ankle Boots- Was 29.99€ / Bought for 15€
-4- New Look Black Textured Stripe Cap Sleeve Shift Dress- Was 34.99€ / Bought for 10.50€

Here’s a useful tip if you find an awesome sale on New Look but then realize that it’s out of stock: bookmark that page! Sometimes those items do sporadically get back in stock for a brief moment at the same discounted price that they were before they sold out. This is how I managed to get dress #4. My size was no longer available and within one day all sizes were completely sold out. I kept an eye on it, and less than one week later, my size was suddenly back in stock. I’m guessing this happens when a customer returns an item back to them, because as soon as I completed my order, the dress was listed out of stock again. So I’m assuming the available quantity was just one lol I’ve seen this happen with other items that I didn’t end up buying but had kept an eye on as well. It pays off to refresh that page several times a day for a week or more. Sounds slightly obsessive, but hey, if I can get a pretty dress for 10 euros or less, I don’t mind! 😛

By the way, if you don’t follow me on Pinterest yet, please do: I pin a ton of items all the time and some of them are great finds that I end up buying myself.