Block Heels – Yay or Nay?

I’ve been meaning to update my wardrobe for quite a while now. It’s been idle for far too long. I got pregnant soon after we married in 2013, so shopping wasn’t really an option anymore with a growing belly. Plus, maternity wear never interested me one bit. Then Sam passed away and that’s when began the lamest year of my life, which was spent grieving and trying to get through this thick fog. And then right when I was starting to emotionally get better, I got pregnant with this little one … So, again … a growing belly and swollen feet meant no shopping for fun stuff.

I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy and for the first time in years, I am now looking forward to completely update my clothes. I’ve done a major cleanup a while ago (which I will post about later). And I basically freed up a ton of room so I could start filling it with new stuff.

One area that needs a major update is: my shoes. While browsing many web shops, I noticed an increased presence of block heels. I’m not quite sure what to think of them. I’ve always preferred slimmer heels, as they look more delicate and feminine – in my opinion anyway. And block heels still scream both “granny” and “90’s” to me. However, I can imagine they might be easier to walk in. I looked through a zillion different models on ASOS and found a few that I might consider giving a chance …

block heels asos spring 2016 selection sandals summer

-1- Carvela Sadie Block Heeled Sandals for 84.50€ | -2- Head over Heels By Dune Nadie Nude Mid Heel Sandals for 49.29€ | -3- New Look Premium Real Leather Faux Snakeskin Block Heel for 84.49€ | -4- River Island Studded Block Heel Sandal for 56.34€ | -5- ALDO Cicci Gold Block Mid Heel Sandals for 77.46€

ASOS has been offering free shipping for ages now, but I noticed recently that they also started offering free returns. This could be a great way to try on some shoes and then decide whether I’d keep them or not. Because if I hesitate too much, I noticed that I generally end up not buying at all. Maybe this will prompt me to give block heels a try! I’m still not convinced though … Hmmm?