Emery’s First Shoes

Shoo Pom baby boy first step shoes bouba new scratch ss17 spring summer 2017 french brand hook and loop fasteners blue navy velcro real leather

At 9 months old, Emery masters the art of pulling himself up, and is now walking around while holding on to furniture. We felt the time was right to have him start practicing with proper shoes on. Especially when we take him to places and the floor isn’t necessarily as clean as it is here at home.

So, we headed to a local shoe store yesterday and tried on several pairs. I quickly realized that shoelaces were not a good idea when you’re dealing with little feet moving all over the place. So, I narrowed down my search to velcro fastening, and eventually settled for this pair by “Shoo Pom“. It’s a French brand, which is always a plus in my book. 💙

As shown on their website, these shoes are packed with neat little features:

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Shoo Pom baby boy first step shoes bouba new scratch ss17 spring summer 2017 french brand hook and loop fasteners blue navy velcro real leather

Shoo Pom baby boy first step shoes bouba new scratch ss17 spring summer 2017 french brand hook and loop fasteners blue navy velcro real leather

Shoo Pom baby boy first step shoes bouba new scratch ss17 spring summer 2017 french brand hook and loop fasteners blue navy velcro real leather

Shoo Pom baby boy first step shoes bouba new scratch ss17 spring summer 2017 french brand hook and loop fasteners blue navy velcro real leather

Shoo Pom baby boy first step shoes bouba new scratch ss17 spring summer 2017 french brand hook and loop fasteners blue navy velcro real leather

This particular pair is called “Bouba New Scratch” and is available here. The exact color is named “Paris navy grey orange”. As long as there’s “Paris” in it, I’m good. 😊 Emery had a blast trying them on. He stood up quite easily, sat down, crawled around, then suddenly got fascinated with the white soles. Hehe. My first impression is that the shoes definitely offer good support and don’t seem to bother him while moving around. I can’t wait for him to try them on again this afternoon!

eerste loopschoentjes stapschoenen wandelschoenen baby torfs winkel schoenenwinkel belgie

Shopping mission accomplished! I’m not gonna lie; getting his very first pair of proper walking shoes does feel slightly emotional. And you can bet we will keep these shoes forever, for memory’s sake. 💕

This was October 2016

I’ve been meaning to update my blog multiple times, and then the days flew by, and here we are … one month later. Oy.

Ok, so I will squeeze the whole month of October into one post. lol Let’s start with our yearly tradition of mushroom photography.

Gert actually took these, and this is only a selection. I honestly don’t know why we make it such a point to extensively document the mushroom population of our yard each Fall! 😂 Admit it though; they are pretty to look at, right?

^^ Here’s the little table I received from my mom. It got busted on one side when a heavy storm knocked it down hard last year. It actually flew off her roof terrace and landed 2 stories below. Biggest scare ever!!! I was actually there when it happened and you should have seen our faces! 😂 So anyway, the table survived. I was planning to give it a fresh coat of paint, but then I figured, what’s the rush? We’ve got a crappy 6 months ahead of us before the weather gets nice again. So it will make more sense to do this before next Summer, as it will then be all pretty during those beautiful months. Anyway, my Halloween decoration ended up being a little more minimalistic than what I had originally planned. But again, lack of time …

My loves 💕

Gert gave babywearing a try, and Emery surprisingly liked it. I had tried this numerous times already, but he hated it so much, I kind of gave up. I guess he prefers his daddy when it comes to being carried around! He prefers me for diaper changes and entertainment, so we each have our own specialties, I suppose!

And of course, on October 28th, he turned 4 months old.

He’s able to sit up relatively well by now, although not on his own yet. I hope he will learn fast, because Jesus Christ that boy is becoming heavy!!! It’s about time he learns how to sit and move around on his own more. He’s able to completely roll over, sit up with some support, turn his head around in all directions, and grab objects and bring them to his mouth. I’m probably forgetting a few more of his AMAZING skills (lol), but this is off the top of my head right now.

And, YES, I finally managed to take a picture of him laughing. Not just smiling, LAUGHING! Albeit the price to pay was a blurry shot. He laughs every day, but I can never seem to get a picture. Every time he sees the camera, he gets so intrigued, his face becomes serious, and he no longer makes a sound. Like two seconds later when I took this one:

Granted, it is a gigantic camera with a huge lens. Maybe I should invest in something more discrete.

So, that was it! A quick glance at this past month. With the holidays coming up soon, I’m really hoping to be able to post more frequently. I haven’t properly enjoyed Christmas for a few years now, and I’m determined to make the best of it this year. We’ll see!

Three months old!

Emery turned 3 months old this week! He’s becoming so tall. I’ve started putting away his newborn clothes, which I need to finish this weekend. We’ve already gone through several sizes at a pretty ridiculous pace. Right now, he’s wearing 6 to 9 months clothes! 😱

His eyes have become a lighter shade of blue. I can’t tell if they will become lighter in the next few months, or if this is his definite color. Time will tell!

He laughs so much these days! I admit I don’t always know what he seems to find so funny. 😂 I wish he’d let me in on the joke. lol

One of this past month’s milestones includes babbling to his toys. Haha! He literally had a one hour long conversation with his blankie on Wednesday, which then exhausted him to the point of falling right asleep in the end. Another one of his new favorite occupations is watching cartoons. Gert sat him up in front of his laptop one day and played an episode of Pingu on youtube. It grabbed his attention instantly, and he’s been loving it ever since!

I started creating Youtube playlists for him and I stream them on our TV. One of his favorites is the “Laugh & Learn” series, on the Fisher Price youtube channel. He especially loves the episode “Let’s go to the farm”, which never fails to make him laugh! 😄

And we finally put a “baby on board” sticker on the car! Pretty sure we have the coolest one in Belgium, for those who know which movie this is from. 😂

Two months old!

Look who’s wide awake! It’s two month old Emery! 😜 I used to call him my little firecracker when I was pregnant, and that’s definitely what he is. To be honest, I was a little puzzled about how calm he was in the beginning, because it didn’t match the impression I had of him before he was born lol Now that he’s becoming more alert and more active throughout the day, his overall energy matches exactly how I had pictured him all along. 😊

I’ve been trying so hard to take a picture of him smiling for the past two weeks, but still no luck. He smiles and laughs so often! I just cannot seem to snap it. As soon as I pull out the camera, he stops and stares all intrigued at the lens. Haha!

And here are finally some pictures of the “sugar beans” treats I crafted right after he was born. I mentioned them last month in my “birth announcement card” post.

dragées suikerbonen suikerboontjes sugar beans baby birth geboorte doopsuikers honey honing miel bee bij abeille yellow gift keepsake shower welcome cute crystal charms made with love geel jaune tradition traditie cadeau diy handmade zelfgemaakt sticker etiquette tag label personalized personalisé name date of birth boy girl gender neutral summer theme thema belgium belgique nederland france europe belgie

I basically stuck to the same Summery / honey bee theme I had going on with his birth announcement. And here it is, next to Sam’s white and blue one; which we never got to give to people:

I don’t know why, I love seeing them right next to each other like that. I think it’s because those are the only two items I can look at together, and forget for a second that the little boy to whom the blue jar belongs isn’t here. For a split second, I feel like both my babies made it alive and well, and got to be celebrated equally, as all babies deserve to be.

This brings me to this very special gift I received last month:

This mobile is packed with symbols and special meanings to me. It is a perfect replica of all the symbols that were featured on Emery’s birth announcement card. The sun, the cloud, the bee and the firefly. And most importantly, in the center, a beautiful blue star with Sam’s initial on it. 💕 I absolutely wanted this to become part of Emery’s daily life, so I took a few days to figure out where I wanted to hang it, and I ended up putting it right above his changing table. I had noticed a while ago that he enjoyed looking up at the hair brush and random things that were hanging above him on the wall, so it seemed like the perfect thing to keep him entertained during those countless diaper changes every day and night. I’m glad to report that it works like a charm! He LOVES it! He stares at it every single time, smiles at it, tries to reach out to touch it … It’s so fun for me to see. Obviously, I put it high enough so he can’t reach it. I would be devastated if it ever got damaged. This is definitely something I will keep for the rest of my life.

There are so many other beautiful gifts we have received. And I’m planning to include them in Emery’s updates, little by little. But I will end today’s update here, as I don’t want to flood the blog with baby items. More later! 😊

One month old!

Wow, it “only” took me a week to put this blog post together. lol Time flies when you’re having fun! Or rather: when you’re so busy and exhausted that you can’t even find a spare hour to upload photos and type a quick update.

So, Emery turned one month old last week. He’s definitely grown a ton already.

I absolutely wanted to start taking a monthly picture so we would have a lovely 12 piece collection by the time he turns one year old. It’s going to be so interesting to put them all together and compare them next year. It turned out to be quite a challenge though. First, I had to find the right moment. Then I had to get Wolf out of the way!

And then I had to carefully remove the pacifier from his mouth – so we could actually see his face – while trying to avoid a diplomatic incident …

In the end, I think they look a bit shitty. But they will have to do. I’m not pleased about the colors and the light, but oh well. Challenge completed!

It turns out we have a bit of a pacifier addict in the house. I wasn’t too keen on introducing this to him, but he never waited long enough between his feedings and this is the only thing that seems to do the trick. We have slowly managed to decrease the number of feedings while increasing the amount of formula per feeding, so we are slowly regaining a bit of spare time in between. If we can even call it “spare” time lol

We got this pacifier from Gert’s brother a while ago. I never thought we’d end up using it, but alas, “papa is the best” is now plastered on Emery’s face.

Gert suggested we get a second one that says “mama is quite alright”. 😂

Okay, that’s about it for now. There are so many other things I had planned to take pictures of and add to this post. But I’m afraid they will have to be spread over several future blog posts, little by little. I can’t wait. 😊