Pregnancy: Week 7

Nausea has been kicking my ass since Friday. I don’t remember it being this bad with Sam. And I don’t think it started as early as week 6. We actually ended up announcing my pregnancy to Gert’s parents on Friday (Nov 20) because I was feeling so sick and nauseous, and we were supposed to go to their place for lunch, so it was just going to be too obvious anyway. My mom knows since November 10th. And that’s about it for now. We’ll probably tell my brother-in-law some time in December. Everybody else will have to wait much longer. I’m just not feeling as festive and excited as the first time around. I’ll be holding my breath until I have safely delivered.

One of my best friends wants to meet up in the next few weeks, but she has a baby and a toddler, and I was strongly advised to avoid babies and children during my whole pregnancy so that I wouldn’t be exposed to childhood illnesses. They can have terrible consequences for pregnant women and their unborn baby. With everything we’ve been through so far, this is a risk I would gladly keep as far away from me as possible. So it looks like I will either have to make up some lame excuse or share the news with her as well.

One more week before our first ultrasound. I’m actually more focussed on getting some blood tests done. I want to know how my thyroid and vitamin levels are. I was reading through my whole medical file the other day, and finally read the detailed report of Sam’s passing (it took me more than a year to find the strength). Apparently my thyroid was all messed up when I checked in at the hospital the day that Sam stopped moving. How is that even possible? I’m pretty sure all my levels were fine throughout my whole pregnancy. In any case, I’m not leaving this up in the air this time around. They better keep a close eye on it all from day one. And if they’re difficult about it at the hospital, then I’ll be going to my family doctor for regular blood tests. Wether they like it or not, this pregnancy will be monitored super closely or else I’ll throw a fit.

My symptoms this past week: extreme nausea, lack of appetite because of the nausea, I suffer frequent headaches, shortness of breath, I’m tired, and I basically feel like shit and I also look like shit. Proof:

My boobs suddenly became massive. They’re starting to catch up with my belly. At this rate, I’ll be huge again by the time my last trimester rolls in. Fun times ahead! 😖

Baby is starting to look more and more human!

lilypie baby pregnancy ticker growth week 7 seven weeks evolution

thebump.com the bump website pregnancy ticker baby foetal development foetus 7 weeks seven week evolution growth

Pregnancy – Week 6

The weeks are going by painfully slowly and I keep fearing a miscarriage. I feel like I’m entering the most critical two weeks now. If I get to week 8 without any worrisome signs, then I will be slightly reassured for my first appointment. I always felt like week 6 and 7 were so fragile, and I definitely feel it again this time around. Obviously, the memories of everything we’ve been through aren’t exactly helping my anxiety right now. Part of me has a good feeling about this one. But I just can’t seem to be completely confident about it. I don’t know if I ever will. As far as the rest of my ever-evolving symptoms go: Nausea has officially kicked in since last Wednesday. This past week also marked the beginning of some much needed afternoon naps; which is very unlike me. My appetite is still steadily increasing. Although mostly in the evening and right before going to bed. That’s when I start drooling over hamburger commercials. Yikes!

Here’s me looking like shit at 6 weeks:

Second pregnancy week 6 first trimester belly shot picture weekly bump

My digestion has been a bit funky since yesterday, so I can’t say I’m feeling great at the moment. Just by looking at myself in the mirror earlier, I would have sworn that this week’s picture was going to show a smaller belly than the past two weeks. But now that I’m putting all three pictures next to each other, this week definitely looks bigger. I somehow managed to lose half a kilo, so I can’t blame it on my weight. I’m slowly starting to recognize that typical pregnancy shape, with a definite tip at an upward angle. It’s kinda weird, but I do remember this also being the case with Sam. Although not this early on.

Baby doesn’t look very cute just yet. But at least it’s progressing! Every day that passes is a step closer to finally having our first living child. At least I hope so.

Lilypie pregnancy ticker lilypie.com fetal development week 6 baby growth evolution

thebump.com pregnancy ticker fetal development baby growth evolution week 6

Pregnancy – Week 5

This past week has been quite uneventful. (That’s a good thing!) I still feel bloated, I still feel random pulling and cramping sensations, and I’m wondering how in the world I’m going to manage to hide this belly for another 3 months, at least. I’m in no rush to announce it to anyone (except to my mom). But Gert is apparently planning to tell the family right after our first ultrasound, which is only 3 weeks away. It kind of bothers me that Christmas is so near. Because, you know, he’s right; it will be hard not to mention it with all the Christmas commotion coming up. So, we’ll basically be a bit forced to announce it then since I obviously will be declining champagne, and will also be skipping some of our yearly traditions. The main one being that we usually invite his side of the family over for dinner on Christmas eve. With a high risk pregnancy not even in the second trimester yet, I sure as Hell will NOT be hosting a whole evening, serving dinner, entertaining guests, and then cleaning up everything after midnight. No thank you.

So I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well this time. Because I don’t want to have to announce yet another tragedy later on.

Here’s me and my little secret at 5 weeks:

second pregnancy week 5 first trimester bloat

All bloat!

lilypie lilypie.com pregnancy embryo fetal ticker baby evolution growth Week 5

thebump.com thebump ticker baby embryo fetal evolution growth week 5 tadpole

All in all, I’ve been managing extremely well so far. I have been taking it super easy, didn’t do any bad movements or strained myself physically whatsoever. Laundry is piling up and I don’t care. I’m going at a slower pace. I still experience mild shortness of breath, but I read my old posts from when I was expecting Sam, and I apparently had the exact same thing. My appetite has increased a bit. Although huge portions are not my thing, I get more hungry between meals and basically eat small portions throughout the day. I’m not too fussed about weight gain, as long as it remains within the healthy range. I’ve proven myself that I can lose it all afterwards, so I definitely won’t be stressing about that!

Pregnancy – Week 4

I’ve known for two days now that I’m pregnant, and I’ve already experienced a myriad of emotions and worries. Last evening was particularly stressful as we went out to dinner and then watched a movie at the theatre. To put it bluntly: I didn’t enjoy it. I was worried about absolutely everything and just wanted to go back home and crawl into bed. I’m already so attached to this baby. My level of protectiveness is through the roof. I can now say for sure that I will be avoiding social situations for a long time!

It’s a painful contrast with my first pregnancy. I was so happy and unaware that anything could ever go wrong. We were out and about so often during those 9 months. We went a whole weekend to Luxembourg to celebrate. We went out and dined many times, went shopping, invited people over. Those fun pregnancy feelings are definitely gone forever. And I can tell you, it’s a good thing that the nursery is complete, because I’m not planning to go to the baby store anymore. When I’m far enough into this pregnancy, I will order some extra baby clothes online, and that’s it. Until this baby is born alive and healthy, I’m staying put in the safety of my home.

As far as symptoms are concerned: I definitely feel that something’s going on. I get random cramps and odd aches left and right. I’m bloated, I feel tired. And my daily walks are now paired with some mild shortness of breath. No particular sense of hunger (yet), but I do get dizzy sometimes. And I basically just want to curl up in bed and be cozy all the time. I try not to focus on how many more months we have to go, because it seems so far and unreachable.

So here I am. Excited and terrified, at 4 weeks!

pregnancy weekly picture week 4

Hello unflattering bloat! I missed you.

And here are Baby’s stats:

lilypie pregnancy baby ticker stats 4 weeks

the bump thebump.com pregnancy fetal development ticker embryo 4 weeks

Interesting to note that thebump.com only considers it a ball of cells at this point while lilypie.com already depicts a more human-like shape. I also noticed that many of these internet gadgets don’t seem to agree on the exact day. One says 4 weeks 2 days, the other says 4 weeks 3 days. lol That’s the internet for you.

I think this source is a bit more accurate. Tomorrow should mark the beginning of Carnegie Stage 8, as Baby will have been developing for 17 days by then.

I don’t even care if it’s a boy or a girl. I just want this baby to live. Now, about the first prenatal appointment which I was going to be oh so nonchalant about as per my previous post … I gave in and called yesterday. I figured I didn’t want to risk them being fully booked and not being able to get my first ultrasound done precisely during week 8. I have to say, it was the most bizarre phone conversation ever. I had “midwife Sophie” on the line, and she seriously couldn’t care less. At first, she didn’t even want to book my appointment. She tried to push me off to my family doctor to first get my pregnancy confirmed with a blood test. Are you kidding me? I know I’m pregnant, you silly woman. Just book me already! After she tried to come up with an impressive list of reasons why we shouldn’t schedule my first ultrasound, she finally gave in and asked for my name and date of birth. Then she didn’t even flinch at my file and history and how important my checkups are. Finally, she booked me for December 2nd. Hallelujah.

So, four more weeks until we (hopefully) see our peanut live on screen with a nice flickering heartbeat. It’s going to feel like an eternity. And that’s only the very beginning. Gosh, what a long road ahead. So many things can still go wrong. Please let this all go well.

I’m pregnant!!!

Wow, I did not see this coming! I know I mentioned before that we were hoping for another baby soon. But for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it right now and I thought for sure this month would be a dud. But what a great surprise this morning!!! At first, it was a super faint line, and it took more than 10 minutes to become this obvious. Granted, I did test way too soon and this is a super sensitive early test. So … here they are; our two lines of hope!

positive pregnancy test early extra sensitive predictor brand

I’m ecstatic and worried sick at the same time. Please let this end well. Please let this baby stick and grow and be born alive and healthy. I can already tell I’m going to be hiding like a hermit during the next 8 months. And there are already so many things to worry about. We had planned to go out tomorrow to have dinner at a restaurant and then watch a movie at the theater. I’m already worried about that. Won’t I have to walk too much from the car and back? Will the food be clean and safe? Will there be some sick person coughing in our necks at the theater? Oh boy. Let the paranoia begin.

In the mean time, here are all the fun facts and milestones that I’ll be looking forward to.

Today I found out that I'm pregnant! I am 4 weeks and 0 days pregnant - about 251 days to go - my due date is monday july 11 2016 11th

The estimated due date is most likely off, as this is just an internet gadget. We’ll see what the doctor says at our first ultrasound. With Sam, it was 3 days ahead of what the doctor ended up estimating. I haven’t called for my first appointment yet, which is very unlike me. But I figured since I tested a bit early this time around, it can wait a few days. Plus, if things go wrong this week, at least I won’t have to call back to cancel. That would suck for sure.

I’m glad Gert has the whole week off from work. I was able to tell him right away this morning, and we’ll get to enjoy our little secret together this entire week :-)