Interior / Exterior Decoration

A much needed update!

I can’t believe I’ve neglected this blog for so long. I’ve been meaning to write an update every now and then, but life got so busy with the children. This whole “stay-at-home mom” thing is no joke! It is getting better now in the sense that my body seems to build up stamina the more hectic it gets. So, even though the rhythm here at home is still relentless, I seem to be coping with it better than 6 months ago. The only thing that still feels heavy at the moment is my inability to focus on anything properly, due to being constantly interrupted. I literally cannot sit down and drink a cup of coffee or eat a simple meal in one go. And then of course my lack of sleep adds up on top of it all. Brenn cried from 3:30AM to 5AM last night. I think his third tooth is coming through. Needless to say I’m a zombie this morning. But they’re both sitting together on a play mat right now and actually entertaining each other quite peacefully … A welcome little break for me until the next bottle of milk in 20 minutes.

I still take as many pictures as before with my beloved Canon. But the uploads are happening much more sparsely now. I would say about every 4 months or so. It seems so crazy to me that I used to upload pictures almost daily before the children were born. I do miss it. It was a lovely hobby and I’m craving to get back into it as soon as I can.

For now, I felt like sharing the latest additions that I purchased for my home. I know it must seem like a very random thing to blog about after so many months of silence lol But there is a hidden frustration behind it: Emery is 2 years old now and has declared war on my entire home decor! I’ve had to put so much away. Our living space is looking very bare at the moment. It’s slightly depressing. I hope his little brother will be a bit gentler with it all once he starts walking. I’ve also compensated the lack of interior decoration by focusing on flowers in the yard and at the window sils.

I’ve been on the hunt for pretty things to add indoors once hurricane Emery has settled a bit. Something to look forward to, if you will. It’s not much so far. But I enjoy window shopping online and carefully choosing my items one by one. It’s cheesy and it’s all white, but you know me …

Both hangers are from Sass & Belle, and both pillows are from Zara Home. I got almost everything on sale, because that’s how I roll. I still have many things on my wish list that I’m drooling over. Just waiting for the right discount or coupon code to come along. Hehe.

This was October 2016

I’ve been meaning to update my blog multiple times, and then the days flew by, and here we are … one month later. Oy.

Ok, so I will squeeze the whole month of October into one post. lol Let’s start with our yearly tradition of mushroom photography.

Gert actually took these, and this is only a selection. I honestly don’t know why we make it such a point to extensively document the mushroom population of our yard each Fall! 😂 Admit it though; they are pretty to look at, right?

^^ Here’s the little table I received from my mom. It got busted on one side when a heavy storm knocked it down hard last year. It actually flew off her roof terrace and landed 2 stories below. Biggest scare ever!!! I was actually there when it happened and you should have seen our faces! 😂 So anyway, the table survived. I was planning to give it a fresh coat of paint, but then I figured, what’s the rush? We’ve got a crappy 6 months ahead of us before the weather gets nice again. So it will make more sense to do this before next Summer, as it will then be all pretty during those beautiful months. Anyway, my Halloween decoration ended up being a little more minimalistic than what I had originally planned. But again, lack of time …

My loves 💕

Gert gave babywearing a try, and Emery surprisingly liked it. I had tried this numerous times already, but he hated it so much, I kind of gave up. I guess he prefers his daddy when it comes to being carried around! He prefers me for diaper changes and entertainment, so we each have our own specialties, I suppose!

And of course, on October 28th, he turned 4 months old.

He’s able to sit up relatively well by now, although not on his own yet. I hope he will learn fast, because Jesus Christ that boy is becoming heavy!!! It’s about time he learns how to sit and move around on his own more. He’s able to completely roll over, sit up with some support, turn his head around in all directions, and grab objects and bring them to his mouth. I’m probably forgetting a few more of his AMAZING skills (lol), but this is off the top of my head right now.

And, YES, I finally managed to take a picture of him laughing. Not just smiling, LAUGHING! Albeit the price to pay was a blurry shot. He laughs every day, but I can never seem to get a picture. Every time he sees the camera, he gets so intrigued, his face becomes serious, and he no longer makes a sound. Like two seconds later when I took this one:

Granted, it is a gigantic camera with a huge lens. Maybe I should invest in something more discrete.

So, that was it! A quick glance at this past month. With the holidays coming up soon, I’m really hoping to be able to post more frequently. I haven’t properly enjoyed Christmas for a few years now, and I’m determined to make the best of it this year. We’ll see!

Prepping the yard for Fall

I’m so behind on decorating the house for Fall / Halloween. I cleaned up the patio this week and added a few new plants and some candles, to add a bit of light in the evening, as the days are getting shorter.

patio candles tea lights potted plants ivy garden yard shed october fall decoration outdoor outside

dark evening patio candles tea lights table outside outdoor potted plants fall dusk

I have many more plans to decorate the exterior though. The weather forecast looks promising, so I’m ready to start sanding our bench and add a coat of fresh paint tomorrow. And we will definitely be buying big pumpkins next week to decorate the front of our garden shed. My mom also gave me a small patio table she was about to get rid of. I just need to sand it down and give it a new color. I can’t wait to share the final results!

Happy May 1st

May 1st is quite a thing here in Belgium. I think they also celebrate it in France. It’s kind of like Labor Day; which is celebrated by giving each other lily of the valley flowers, sending each other cards with lily of the valley flowers on them, and also by … not laboring at all. This year, May 1st happens to be on a Sunday, so most people will get Monday off from work instead.

lily of the valley card may 1st first cross stitching decoration gift home white flowers

lily of the valley flowers gift may 1st belgium holiday

lily of the valley flower buds may 1st spring season closeup pot

may 1sr lily of the valley cross stitching pattern framed

Lily of the valley wish card may 1st first belgium france holiday tradition

Good Lord, my roots are a mess. Two more weeks until my new hair color! Can’t wait!

Ready to pimp this wardrobe

bedroom interior home white pale colors scandinavian style minimalistic clean fireplace flatscreen tv ikea wardrobe furniture hemnes glass doors cabinet decoration

Here’s one of Gert’s wardrobes in the bedroom. It looked nice at the store when it was empty and basically only showed a white back panel. But once you put stuff in it, it’s just not as neat looking as I’d like it to be. So, I’ve decided to back both glass panels with white curtains, which will be strapped to two small metal rods. One at the top and one at the bottom. That way it should be tight and stay in place when we open and close the doors. I also went ahead and replaced the dark brass door knobs with white porcelain ones. Here’s the link to the actual furniture in case you’re interested:

portrait home bedroom interior cool clean white minimalistic scandinavian sewing wardrobe curtains fireplace flatscreen ikea flowers zara home cabbage candle holder green pale colors peaceful girl woman lady beautiful serene decoration blog blogger lifestyle

closeup cool white pale colors light scandinavian sewing curtains neutral beautiful natural fireplace hands

Both curtains cost a grand total of 3.99€ together. Ridiculously cheap! I have no idea how long it will take me, but I really hope it will look good and that I don’t mess up the fabric. Worst case, I lost 4 euros, so hey. Let’s hope for the best though. I can’t wait to show the finished result!