Jules The Cat

Goodbye September!

Here are the very last pictures of this month! Goodbye September 2015 …

sunny september kitchen interior home sink window sun plants beige white light bright pale neutral cozy warm home decoration shabby chic

Can this amazing weather please stick around for another month?

aldi white potted plant green pot bubbles modern holes carved cheap porcelain angel thinking cute statue decoration home beige neutral home cozy sunny

The hydrangea is still alive after this Summer almost killed it! (as well as my lack of proper care)

hortensia hydrangea plant flowers autumn fall september sun light weather garden patio potted belgium europe outside yard outdoor sunny

The laundry is drying outside. Doesn’t happen often! This is nice!

belgium europe sunny weather september autumn fall yard garden outdoor outside sun light bright warm beautiful laundry drying

This is not.

insect europe belgium autumn fall green flying beetle wings winged antennas

So this is what a bad hair day looks like.

And the best little dog in the world.

chihuahua beige short haired smooth coat purebred breed breeder wolf wolfthedog

Or not.

chihuahua beige short haired smooth coat purebred breed breeder wolf wolfthedog

Sowing the seeds the love is finally up!

sowing the seeds of love thomas barbey framed home interior original belgium europe artist art photography black and white

Jules the cat is thinking: “Soon”

cat chihuahua dog home interior beige white living room sofa couch tv european scandinavian style pets

Wolf the dog has no clue.

cat chihuahua dog interior beige white home decoration european scandinavian style


cat chihuahua dog pets home couch sofa house living room interior beige white tv getting along playing

But not quite! :-)

Feeling Better

Everything is starting to feel more peaceful at home now that Sam’s first birthday is behind us. I think the fact that the weather’s been so sunny since Thursday is probably helping. Nevertheless, this was an important milestone, and the chaotic pain and grief is starting to settle into something more steady and manageable. Granted, this whole grieving process has had so many ups and downs without any logic to it … I could very well face some more difficult times again in the future. But for now, I feel okay.

I’m back to putting some energy into our interior. Next on my list: to hang more frames on the walls. My “Sowing the seeds of love” frame by Thomas Barbey is already in place. I don’t know why I love this picture so much. And I can guarantee you I DID NOT pay anything near the prices listed on the artist’s website. Holy crap! I got it at a craft store in Greensboro, North Carolina about 10 years ago for less than $50, if I remember well. Looks like I got a pretty good deal back then. Now I was thinking “Blown Away” would go nicely together with “Sowing the seeds of love“, so I would have both Paris and London. But there’s no way I could afford it. :-( I didn’t even check out shipping to Belgium. I bet it would double the total. Oh well!

Meanwhile, Jules the cat is still the king of his imaginary castle …

european white interior cat pale northern europe scandinavian style walls curtains big antique cherry wood furniture dining room table chairs living room

We still haven’t figured out how he gets up there. He always seems to do it when we’re not looking!

julesthecat cat on top cabinet cupboard cherry wood dining room furniture cupboard white interior decoration europe european northern scandinavian style

home evening light julesthecat cat on top cabinet cupboard cherry wood dining room furniture cupboard white interior decoration europe european northern scandinavian style

Always staring at Wolf the dog … probably secretly plotting the perfect murder.

home evening light ceiling julesthecat cat on top cabinet cupboard cherry wood dining room furniture cupboard white interior decoration europe european northern scandinavian style

Anyway, September is almost over. It’s been bittersweet. It also made me realize how traumatic it’s been, as I can recall absolutely everything I was doing on most days of this month last year. It’s going to take many years before it all starts to fade, I think. I’m so thankful for the flowers and little keepsakes that people put on Sam’s grave this week. I didn’t think anyone was even going to remember his birthday. (my faith in people clearly needs to go up a notch).

And the sweet card I received from one of my best friends is still standing on the piano in our living room. It will all eventually be neatly stored into Sam’s box. Nothing gets thrown away. ♥

Gorgeous Sunset

Look how gorgeous the sky was last night above our house:

summer sunset clouds colorful sky belgium europe july

sunset dawn evening summer july sky clouds europe belgium trees colorful beautiful

Only a few more days to go and our new interior will be finished! Meanwhile, we enjoyed our first TV evening in our new living room yesterday. We’re still missing curtains and a couple of mirrors on the walls, but we’re getting there.

coffee table evening candles tealight tea light ikea fake plant pot white living room sunset home

chihuahua cute adorable beige short haired smooth coat evening home living room feet

Jules the cat inspected everything and seemed quite disappointed about not being able to dig his nails into the old wall paper lol The bare walls aren’t doing it for him; which is a good thing! To be honest, the wallpaper was kind of turning into a nightmare with him. So wallpaper shall be banned from the entire house for the rest of eternity.

jules the cat julesthecat white black tabby stretching up wall side profile standing up

He also had a blast admiring himself in the mirror that I sanded and prepped to be painted.

jules the cat julesthecat on top of mirror floor reflection

jules the cat julesthecat on top of mirror reflection floor

♥︎ Lisa

So this is what we’ve been up to …

I know I haven’t posted in a while. We’ve been soooo busy! We had initially planned to simply remove the wallpaper in the living area and paint the walls white. But then that little project somehow turned into a whole house makeover. We started rearranging our furniture differently, I sanded and painted some of it, we ditched some, recycled some … Anyway, it’s not finished yet, but it will be a whole different home by the time we’re done.

Meanwhile, I’m in desperate need of a cosmetic intervention. I’m so tired! We’re almost there though. I can’t wait to show pictures once it’s finished. If it turns out the way that it looks in my head, it’s going to look amazing.

sanding furniture cabinet wood sander electric woman
chihuahua portrait female woman holding pet wolf wolfthedog beige short haired smooth coat male dog puppy sitting on lap tiny small cute adorable home

painted cupboard cabinet furniture wood white hand diy self home made done sanded varnished mirror bedroom
white bedroom cabinet that I sanded and painted and varnished myself  - leather jewelry box on top
repainted livingroom living room white walls ceiling makeover new paint color ikea couch ektorp
white pink gingham checkered mug coffee tea cup home ikea ektorp couch seat home living room break
portrait female woman chihuahua male wolf wolfthedog short haired smooth coat beige white macbook laptop apple home smiling
repainted white living room area seats ikea ektorp couch seat chinese cabinet diy coffee table interior decoration work in progress
tabby black white beige brown cat jules julesthecat testing laying in couch seat ektorp ikea single

Tested and approved by Jules the cat. 👍

Everything still looks messy right now. I’m hoping we can get this finished within a week. We’re dead tired, but it’s so worth it!

♥︎ Lisa

Summer 2015 has officially started

There’s a massive heatwave going on here in Europe right now. 🌞 🔥 So since it’s too hot to bother with a proper hairstyle, this is how I shamelessly walk around at the moment:

We did lounge in the yard a bit on Tuesday, and even saw our little squirrel friend. 🌳 So cute! ❤️

You know it’s bad when #julesthecat is too tired to destroy the house.

Wolfie has been dealing surprisingly well. Although he does refuse to go outside since yesterday. I think he’s smart enough to know better! Good thing he’s trained to use his litter box. We have some hedgehogs and squirrels and God knows what else roaming around in the yard, so I put several water bowls out for them.

This is my current situation:

The temperature is supposed to climb up to 36°C later this afternoon. I’m trying really hard not to complain after whining for months that the climate was too cold here lol 😓

♥︎ Lisa