Jules The Cat

Confirmed with the breeder!

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cat in sink cute adorable funny bathroom white
cat in sink cute adorable funny bathroom white

Okay, that didn’t take long! I called the breeder about an hour ago to confirm that we would love to adopt “Wolf”, the little three year old male chihuahua. We can go pick him up on Saturday, January 3rd 2015. Lots of fun moments ahead :-) Jules the cat is about to have a new little companion. (Whether he likes it or not). I will definitely do my best to make the adjustment for him go as smoothly as possible.

Here are the supplies I have ready to use:

dog puppy chihuahua care supplies products accessories training pouch hip bag treats rhinestones paw food bow red clicker small blue water rover bottle bowl collapsible plastic belt clip

– A white dinner bowl with a wide flat bottom so it won’t fall over. I should have bought a second one for water *duh* So that’s on my next shopping list
– I also got the Water Rover a couple of months ago (blue topped bottle), as well as a blue collapsible water bowl. Both these items are meant to be used while out on the go.
– Then there’s my good old clicker, for training
– As well as my doggie treat pouch, which is to be worn at the hips and will be handy to reward good behavior while training.

I’m obviously missing a few more essentials though. We kinda picked a bad timing for our last minute shopping. Because now we have to get dog food, a collar, a leash, and some toys before Saturday … keeping in mind that tomorrow is New Year’s eve, and the day after tomorrow is New Year, so that only leaves Friday. But oh well, we’ll get it done! I’m not going to buy him a bed just yet. We have tons of large pillows and fleece blankets, so we’ll first see what cozy spots he likes best and then we’ll be able to make a more suitable choice based on his preferences.

I can’t wait to welcome our new little buddy at home :-)

♥︎ Lisa

Merry Christmas 2014

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cat nose mouth closeup funny cute fur pattern colors julesthecat whiskers

I haven’t had time to upload our actual Christmas Day pictures yet, which shows just how busy we’ve been! Like it each year, it involved a lot of driving to different places and a lot, I repeat *A LOT* of food. Overall, I would say everything went according to plan. No major stress and no blunders. And we even got all our Christmas cards sent in time. Success!

Jules the cat hasn’t been too bored himself either. He got himself into trouble every single day of this past week …

burned burnt whiskers cat closeup

cat tucked into bed sheets comforter cute funny adorable

Among his most memorable moments:
– burned his whiskers by checking out candles from too close (no worries, he’s fine :-p)
– climbed into the Christmas tree, all the way to the top, which ultimately made the whole thing fall over. Twice.
– got into the dryer and then refused to come out for an hour
– sneaked into the washroom and managed to get himself locked up for 3 hours until I finally noticed (oy)
– buried himself into our bed and slept there a whole afternoon

And finally, some important news: we called and made an appointment with the chihuahua breeder! We’ll be going there on Monday to check out the dogs she has available right now. She’s got a few puppies ready for adoption, and one adult. She’s also expecting a new litter to be born in the next few days. So that’s pretty exciting, as we may be lucky and get to see them if they’re born by then. I’m definitely not ruling out the adult male she has though. We’ll see!

♥︎ Lisa

The cat knew I was pregnant before I did

Here’s a strange fun fact we’ve been telling our families about. I figured it deserves its own post here. The cat knew I was pregnant. And he knew it before I did. Don’t ask me how, because I have no idea. But about a week or so before I found out, he started acting strange.

He usually lays right next to us on the couch every evening while we watch TV. He sleeps and purrs for hours on end. A week before I found out, he sat right in front of me and started staring at me. I thought it was funny for about 5 minutes, then it started to creep me out. He literally sat there for 15 minutes straight, stared right at me, and then disappeared upstairs. I thought that was odd. He’d never done this before.

Every day after that, he would sit as far away from us as possible and stare at me. At one point he sat across the room and stared for an hour straight. I was starting to feel very uncomfortable! Gert kept calling him so he’d come sit with us, but Jules clearly wanted nothing to do with me, nor with him if I was around.

The staring went on for several weeks lol

Things are back to normal now, but it was so strange for about a month or so. I’m convinced he felt it and needed to get used to it or something. Weird, huh?

♥︎ Lisa