Happy Easter 2017

Yessica C&A floral crop pants Spring Summer 2017 ss17

Happy Easter! And if you’re not religious, a little bit of chocolate never hurt anyone. 😆

My Easter Sunday was basically spent cleaning and tidying up, because that’s my usual Sunday routine. And today, all the shops are closed and it’s forbidden to mow the lawn, AND the weather is utter crap … So I guess Gert and I will just be lazy today and sit in front of the TV like two couch potatoes. It’s actually been a long time since we both enjoyed a lazy TV afternoon together. Here’s hoping Emery will take a nice long nap so we can watch a movie from start to finish without interruption. lol

Yessica C&A floral crop pants Spring Summer 2017 ss17

Yessica C&A floral crop pants Spring Summer 2017 ss17
floral pants by C&A

Gert surprised me yesterday with these chocolate mousse filled eggs. Because, you know, I just so happen to be married to the greatest husband in the world! 😍 He’s always so thoughtful and sweet. Every woman deserves a Gert, I’m telling you.

Milka chocolate easter eggs mousse with a spoon real egg carton purple eat inside filling

Most of you probably have a day off today, so enjoy it! 🐣 🐰 🍫

Hey Blog, it’s been a while. I missed you!

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I’m so sorry I haven’t posted any updates in months. This break felt so nice though! I haven’t spent any time on social networks, I haven’t posted any pictures, nor kept anyone up to date about anything. Instead, I got into my little uneventful routine and enjoyed every second with my baby. What a blessing! What a change from the past few years. I felt like it was a well deserved break.

The past few weeks, though, I found myself missing my blog more and more.

As mentioned in my last post: I had already been thinking about a change in terms of blogging. I would like to elaborate on that. Fact: this website costs between $200 and $300 / year in hosting fees, subscriptions to various software, which includes extra security so my visitors won’t get any viruses or spyware when visiting me, etc. I’ve been paying this out of my own pocket for years now, without ever really having any monetizing purpose in mind. As I got my last big bill a few months ago, I realized that years are flying by, and before I know it, I’ve already spent quite a lot of money on this.

Ideally, I would like my blog to fund itself by the end of this year. I’m not looking to make a profit. If it could just pay for itself, I’d be happy as a clam!

Now, the way my blog is being run at the moment, there is very little chance that any of the content will ever make a dime. So, I’m in a position now where things need to change a little bit. I don’t want to be all sneaky about it, because I know there are people out there who – even in the past few months, when no update was being posted – still loyally came and visited regularly to see if there was anything new. I don’t know who most of those people are, as they never reach out to me personally, but I see it in my Google stats that there is a significant rate of returning clicks, which basically means: loyal readers. If you are actually reading this whole blog post instead of just quickly glancing over pictures, you are probably one of them, so I want to be honest and transparent about the changes that will most likely occur in the near future.

I haven’t completely made up my mind yet about the exact strategy I will adopt. Mainly because I know it will be a “trial and error” kind of thing. Most likely, what you might start to see from now on if you pay close attention, are affiliate links to clothes and various products. I have actually often linked to clothes and all kinds of items in the past, which I genuinely enjoyed blogging about. But they were regular links. And if someone clicked on them to check out a product page, I got nothing for it. So, this will basically be exactly the same, except that from now, those links will contain a unique code which will hopefully generate a couple of cents here and there. And hopefully, I will slowly be able to pay for my website hosting fees that way. There might also be a couple of ads here and there, although I would really like to keep those to a minimum for now, as I find that advertisements tend to be unsightly and I like my blog to stay nice and clean looking. We’ll see. Like I said, I’ll have to try a few things and see what works.

I just felt like I needed to be completely open and honest about it before I start this, because I don’t want it to look like I’m “selling out” or something. I’m pretty realistic about the fact that it will take a lot of effort on my part before I’m able to generate the kind of money it actually costs me to run this website. If I can get even, and have this website basically cost me nothing, I will have reached my goal. I hope you understand. I’m thinking about adding a Paypal donation button on several pages of my website. So if anyone feels compelled to help out, it could actually keep ads and affiliate links to a minimum.

Obviously, I will still post personal updates as I’ve been doing in the past, because I can’t imagine ditching the personal aspect of my blog. It just wouldn’t be the same anymore, would it!

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That’s about it for now. More pictures and updates soon! 😊

Boohoo Sophia Printed Sleeveless Maxi Dress

This was October 2016

I’ve been meaning to update my blog multiple times, and then the days flew by, and here we are … one month later. Oy.

Ok, so I will squeeze the whole month of October into one post. lol Let’s start with our yearly tradition of mushroom photography.

Gert actually took these, and this is only a selection. I honestly don’t know why we make it such a point to extensively document the mushroom population of our yard each Fall! 😂 Admit it though; they are pretty to look at, right?

^^ Here’s the little table I received from my mom. It got busted on one side when a heavy storm knocked it down hard last year. It actually flew off her roof terrace and landed 2 stories below. Biggest scare ever!!! I was actually there when it happened and you should have seen our faces! 😂 So anyway, the table survived. I was planning to give it a fresh coat of paint, but then I figured, what’s the rush? We’ve got a crappy 6 months ahead of us before the weather gets nice again. So it will make more sense to do this before next Summer, as it will then be all pretty during those beautiful months. Anyway, my Halloween decoration ended up being a little more minimalistic than what I had originally planned. But again, lack of time …

My loves 💕

Gert gave babywearing a try, and Emery surprisingly liked it. I had tried this numerous times already, but he hated it so much, I kind of gave up. I guess he prefers his daddy when it comes to being carried around! He prefers me for diaper changes and entertainment, so we each have our own specialties, I suppose!

And of course, on October 28th, he turned 4 months old.

He’s able to sit up relatively well by now, although not on his own yet. I hope he will learn fast, because Jesus Christ that boy is becoming heavy!!! It’s about time he learns how to sit and move around on his own more. He’s able to completely roll over, sit up with some support, turn his head around in all directions, and grab objects and bring them to his mouth. I’m probably forgetting a few more of his AMAZING skills (lol), but this is off the top of my head right now.

And, YES, I finally managed to take a picture of him laughing. Not just smiling, LAUGHING! Albeit the price to pay was a blurry shot. He laughs every day, but I can never seem to get a picture. Every time he sees the camera, he gets so intrigued, his face becomes serious, and he no longer makes a sound. Like two seconds later when I took this one:

Granted, it is a gigantic camera with a huge lens. Maybe I should invest in something more discrete.

So, that was it! A quick glance at this past month. With the holidays coming up soon, I’m really hoping to be able to post more frequently. I haven’t properly enjoyed Christmas for a few years now, and I’m determined to make the best of it this year. We’ll see!

Enjoying the last few days of Summer

We’re finally taking a small break here and enjoying the sun after all our hard work around the house. We always have several home improvement projects on our to-do list each Summer, because -1- the weather generally allows us to do the dirtiest part outside, and -2- it’s always nice to enjoy our home all up to date during those long dark Winter days. This year’s list included a bunch of paint work. The main one ended up being the garden shed. It was originally in its natural pine wood color; which is all nice and pretty when its new, but tends to age poorly (in my oppinion anyway). So I chose pale beige paint, as well as plain white for the trimming.

I LOVE the result! I used to never include the garden shed in our yard pictures, but now I think it actually makes for a nice background. I’m sure there’s a “before” picture posted somewhere on the blog about a year or two ago. I just can’t be bothered to include any in this post, because I never liked the way it looked lol

We’re pretty dead tired now. I honestly don’t understand why we had planned so much work for this Summer when we knew there was going to be a newborn baby in the mix. And then we actually stuck to our plans and finished it all … Hah! Crazy. But at least it’s all done now and we’re pleased with how everything looks, so I guess it was worth it! 😊