How did July go by so quickly?

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of July! This month went by in a flash, yet it has felt like a never ending juggle between diapers and bottles. Things started getting insane this past weekend when Emery suddenly started crying for milk nonstop. We were up to 12 bottles a day at one point. I have to admit I wasn’t feeling so fantastic then. It turns out he just experienced his very first growth spurt, which is to be expected about 3 weeks after birth, apparently (or so I was told). Things seem to have calmed down as of today … hence my ability to finally update my blog now. The next growth spurt will probably happen around 6 weeks. Not looking forward to it! 🙈

Thank God Gert has been of such massive help. We split all the tasks and roughly worked out our “shifts” in terms of feedings and diaper changes. Let’s just say I’m glad he doesn’t mind getting up at night so I can get my full night sleep and take over things in the morning, because getting up in the middle of the night does pretty terrible things to my mood, as we have recently found out. lol

Nevertheless, we did manage to enjoy the beautiful Summer weather and use our handy little barbecue the other day. This was our very first lunch out on our patio since Emery was born. It was too hot for him, so we left him inside while he was sleeping.

And this introduced a brand new accessory to the table … a baby monitor! Granted, this one is ancient and was handed down to us by Gert’s brother. But it still works perfectly and came in super handy in this particular situation.

Emery just turned three weeks old. Next week he’ll be one month old! I’m so excited to be able to celebrate fun milestones now for a change. Despite the fact that they will always be a little bittersweet, with Sam being in the back of our minds at all times. It hit me yesterday that Emery’s now about Sam’s size and weight, and how weird it’s going to be when he outgrows his big brother soon and that we get to hold a baby bigger than Sam will ever be. Because so far, with Emery being the younger brother and actually being smaller too, it still felt like everything was in the right order, so to speak. I try not to dwell on these things too much, but they still cross my mind no matter what.

On a funner note: I noticed something new in his behavior this week. He now stares A LOT at me when I’m holding him and reaches out with his arms and tries to touch my face. It’s pretty funny! Sometimes he makes faces like he’s trying to decipher what I’m saying to him.

To finish this weekly update, here are a few more pictures taken these past few days.

A little bit of sunshine

Everything is so green all of a sudden! Wow. All it took was 2 weeks of fantastic weather and we went from seeing naked trees to having full and buzzing nature all around. It’s so much nicer this way.

I’m kind of glad this week is over though. Things have been so busy here. I feel like I haven’t had much time to rest and I was starting to feel it all catch up with me. Third trimesters are so hardcore. I can’t wait for it all to be behind us. There is so much I want to do, and I just physically can’t. Oh well, everything in due time I guess. I’m definitely planning to take it easy this weekend and will shamelessly take an afternoon nap if I feel I need it!

We’re planning to watch the Eurovision contest on TV tonight (if we don’t fall asleep before the votes are cast). Gert and I both love anything kitsch and we have a ball each year laughing at all the ridiculous songs and outfits! 😂 We’re also hoping that our country makes it to the top 4. It’s one of the best performances this year, if I may say so myself. 😜 Go Belgium! 🇧🇪 Woot Woot! I also love the Dutch guy and his country inspired song.

A cozy evening at home with some finger food in perspective … Looking forward to that!

Enjoying the beautiful Spring weather

Here are some random pictures we snapped earlier with the compact camera. The picture quality is not as pristine as with my good camera with a heavy lens, but it’s so handy to carry around in my purse on days like these. I wish the weather could be this sunny all year long!

I’m so glad I didn’t attend that family event on Gert’s side of the family this past weekend. He left at 5PM and got back home at almost midnight! I was already in bed by then, almost asleep. It would have physically drained me to get through such a long evening, with people talking all over the place and food being served until the end. We went out for a quick lunch the next day, and that was already tiring enough! This belly is becoming so big and uncomfortable. My back hurts, my hips hurt, my stomach is being pushed up high. I’m glad there are no more parties planned in the next few months because I would decline them all! I’m not going anywhere until those heavy kilos in my belly can be pushed around in a stroller. Haha!

Happy May 1st

May 1st is quite a thing here in Belgium. I think they also celebrate it in France. It’s kind of like Labor Day; which is celebrated by giving each other lily of the valley flowers, sending each other cards with lily of the valley flowers on them, and also by … not laboring at all. This year, May 1st happens to be on a Sunday, so most people will get Monday off from work instead.

lily of the valley card may 1st first cross stitching decoration gift home white flowers

lily of the valley flowers gift may 1st belgium holiday

lily of the valley flower buds may 1st spring season closeup pot

may 1sr lily of the valley cross stitching pattern framed

Lily of the valley wish card may 1st first belgium france holiday tradition

Good Lord, my roots are a mess. Two more weeks until my new hair color! Can’t wait!

Wolf is 5 years old!

Today is April 30th, so Wolfie’s turning 5 years old! Awwww … time flies.

chihuahua 5th fifth birthday five 5 years old smooth coat short haired beige tan brown white tie

He spent most of his special day doing his favorite thing: sleeping lol He’s so lazy, but oh so sweet and loving. Happy birthday Hunny Bunny!