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New improved coat

Last month, I spent several weeks looking for bargains to update my Fall-Winter wardrobe. I found some exceptionally good deals. One of them is this coat from Forever21:

forever21 tweed collared coat in oatmeal color with 3 three brown buttons product ID 2000056466

forever21 tweed collared coat in oatmeal color with 3 three brown buttons product ID 2000056466

It was originally priced at 50€. I got it for 15€! The only thing I didn’t like about it were the buttons. And as per my mom’s wise words: “You can always judge clothing by the quality of the buttons.” And, you know, if my mom says it, then surely it must be true! So the brown plastic buttons had to go. After a quick search on, I found two different types of metal buttons, which I thought might work.

copper metallic buttons pattina patina fleur de lis lys etsy

I wasn’t quite sure which of the two would look the best. At first I thought maybe the more elaborate one with the fleur-de-lis on it. But it turns out it blends too much with the tweed fabric, making it hardly visible from a distance.

coat new buttons test collage

So I ended up choosing the plain copper buttons. And since they came in a pack of six (for only 3.68€ total – wow), I went ahead and added two extra ones at the collar.

Forever 21 tweed collared coat in oatmeal color buttons change before and after result diy

forever21 tweed collared coat in oatmeal color with new changed buttons product ID 2000056466 metallic copper embellished

forever21 tweed collared coat in oatmeal color with new changed buttons product ID 2000056466 metallic copper embellished

And now of course I’m still not sure about it! Hah! With or without the collar buttons? Or perhaps darker buttons would make for a nicer contrast after all? Aaargh! I’m such a woman sometimes when I can’t make up my mind about silly details. 😱

Two months old!

Look who’s wide awake! It’s two month old Emery! 😜 I used to call him my little firecracker when I was pregnant, and that’s definitely what he is. To be honest, I was a little puzzled about how calm he was in the beginning, because it didn’t match the impression I had of him before he was born lol Now that he’s becoming more alert and more active throughout the day, his overall energy matches exactly how I had pictured him all along. 😊

I’ve been trying so hard to take a picture of him smiling for the past two weeks, but still no luck. He smiles and laughs so often! I just cannot seem to snap it. As soon as I pull out the camera, he stops and stares all intrigued at the lens. Haha!

And here are finally some pictures of the “sugar beans” treats I crafted right after he was born. I mentioned them last month in my “birth announcement card” post.

dragées suikerbonen suikerboontjes sugar beans baby birth geboorte doopsuikers honey honing miel bee bij abeille yellow gift keepsake shower welcome cute crystal charms made with love geel jaune tradition traditie cadeau diy handmade zelfgemaakt sticker etiquette tag label personalized personalisé name date of birth boy girl gender neutral summer theme thema belgium belgique nederland france europe belgie

I basically stuck to the same Summery / honey bee theme I had going on with his birth announcement. And here it is, next to Sam’s white and blue one; which we never got to give to people:

I don’t know why, I love seeing them right next to each other like that. I think it’s because those are the only two items I can look at together, and forget for a second that the little boy to whom the blue jar belongs isn’t here. For a split second, I feel like both my babies made it alive and well, and got to be celebrated equally, as all babies deserve to be.

This brings me to this very special gift I received last month:

This mobile is packed with symbols and special meanings to me. It is a perfect replica of all the symbols that were featured on Emery’s birth announcement card. The sun, the cloud, the bee and the firefly. And most importantly, in the center, a beautiful blue star with Sam’s initial on it. 💕 I absolutely wanted this to become part of Emery’s daily life, so I took a few days to figure out where I wanted to hang it, and I ended up putting it right above his changing table. I had noticed a while ago that he enjoyed looking up at the hair brush and random things that were hanging above him on the wall, so it seemed like the perfect thing to keep him entertained during those countless diaper changes every day and night. I’m glad to report that it works like a charm! He LOVES it! He stares at it every single time, smiles at it, tries to reach out to touch it … It’s so fun for me to see. Obviously, I put it high enough so he can’t reach it. I would be devastated if it ever got damaged. This is definitely something I will keep for the rest of my life.

There are so many other beautiful gifts we have received. And I’m planning to include them in Emery’s updates, little by little. But I will end today’s update here, as I don’t want to flood the blog with baby items. More later! 😊

Emery’s birth announcement card

birth announcement

Most people to whom we’ve mailed Emery’s birth announcement card have probably received it by now, so here it is … My little sunshine themed card. I designed it myself from scratch and basically poured my heart into every little detail. At first, we thought about going to a specialized business to have this done. But then I didn’t feel like anyone would be able to nail it completely; considering how personal and emotional it all is. I absolutely wanted Sam to be mentioned in some way.

rainbow baby boy birth announcement card

I knew from the start I wanted a Summer / sunshine theme, because that’s the season Emery was going to arrive. But then the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was a lovely symbol after those dark few years we’ve been through. I started working on the design somewhere around the fifth month of my pregnancy, after we found out we were going to have a little boy again. Finally, the last few details were in place just a few days before he was born. All I needed before I could order the prints was his actual date of birth, his weight and size, and I had been thinking about adding a picture of him but wasn’t quite sure yet how that was going to work out. In the end, I did manage to get some lovely newborn photos of him in the outfit which I had hoped would be the right size, and everything came together quite nicely.

I may have gone a bit cheesy with the Beatles lyrics on the back, but I had had this song in my head during my whole pregnancy and it just felt so right and appropriate. I’m sure some people found it a bit too much or what have you. But I don’t care, it meant a lot to me and I really wanted it on there! ☀️

Originally, this outfit was actually meant for Sam. I bought it in August 2014; about 4 weeks or so before he died. Sam turned out to be a solid little man, and I remember it broke my heart to think that there was no way he would have fitted in it. Emery ended up being quite a bit smaller (granted, he was born earlier), and it kind of weirds me out now how it all fell into place to match perfectly.

I’ve been munching on these sugary treats for a few days now as I’m busy putting together this typical Belgian tradition: sugar coated chocolates – which literally translate to “sugar beans” – and which are meant to be wrapped up nicely in small portions and labeled with some sort of tag that mentions the newborn’s name and date of birth. They’re meant as little gifts for whoever comes to visit the baby, or well, whoever the Hell you feel like handing them out to. It doesn’t really matter. They’re basically a cute little keepsake to mark the baby’s birth. I think these were originally supposed to be handed out at the baby’s christening. But the whole tradition got a little blurry over time. We’ll probably be handing out another type of little gift at Emery’s christening later this year.

Emery’s sugar beans are yellow. These blue ones are Sam’s. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them at first. They’ve been sitting in the nursery for two years now and just expired a few weeks ago. At first, I thought about throwing them away. But then I couldn’t bring myself to do that. And I have a terribly sweet tooth. Maybe that seems a little messed up, but I decided to open the box and eat them. It’s not like they’re actually bad barely a couple of weeks past their expiration date lol I’ve been thinking about it though and decided that I will keep some blue treats aside and put together one piece of what I had originally planned for Sam, after all. We already had all the supplies, which we had bought just two days before he passed away. It’s still so sad. Once it’s done, I will put his blue sugar beans gift in the big box that contains all his stuff. I like to go through it every once in a while.

Emery’s version will be a lot more elaborate, since I couldn’t wait to FINALLY be able to hand out something cute and fun to people! I can’t wait to show the result.

He’s changing so fast already. I can literally see his face changing a tiny bit every day. Tomorrow, he’ll be exactly two weeks old!

Alice in Wonderland diy bag

I’ll be on forced rest from now on until we’re done having children. Because of everything we’ve been through, any future pregnancy will be considered high risk. That’s why we decided to get all the physically straining stuff out of the way this Summer (such as our home renovation projects), so that I wouldn’t have to lift a finger if I expect another baby between now and whenever. So … I’m now stuck at home until further notice, with plenty of time on my hands. Perfect to start some fun diy projects.

I’ve been meaning to improve my sewing skills for over a year. My initial plan was to make a skirt from scratch. Unfortunately, my hips just wouldn’t cooperate. One month I’d wear a euro size 40, then a size 42, then my good old 38, then I’d go back to 40. The rest of my body has remained quite consistent through my whole pregnancy ordeal, but my hips obviously have a mind of their own. So clearly, making a skirt was not a good idea.

That’s why it’s probably wiser for me to focus on more practical things that aren’t size-related; like bags and decoration items. I found this really easy drawstring bag tutorial here. The perfect starter’s project! These basic drawstring bags will come in handy whenever we go on vacation again, as I use these types of bags to wrap my shoes in.

Since I’m quite ambitious, I’ve decided that once I get good enough, I want to attempt making my own small backpack / rucksack (which I realized I needed when we were visiting Croatia). Either a simple drawstring model, or if I’m adventurous enough, then perhaps something more elaborate. I don’t know yet. But it will HAVE TO BE Alice themed! It’s no secret that I have a bit of a thing for Alice in Wonderland. So here are some awesome Alice-related fabrics and supplies I found:

alice in wonderland white rabbit hare queen of hearts deck of cards fabric pattern cross stitch inspiration board collage ribbon pins buttons charms sewing ideas project craft diy

Links to the items:
Card army fabric ♣︎ White rabbit charm ♠︎ Red hearts fabric
Gold clock charms ♥︎ Character names fabric ♦︎ Cross stitch pattern
Alice in Wonderland characters fabric ♠︎ Card soldiers ribbon ♣︎ Set of badges

I was thinking about adding some cross stitched decoration on the front flap, and maybe even on the shoulder straps. This is the kind of bag I have in mind at the moment:
city backpack rucksack daypack tutorial fabric diy sewing project craft cotton handmade


I love the idea of owning more bags that are 100% fabric. I get easily grossed out by handbags these days, because let’s face it, we don’t always realize in how many gross places we put them; including on the floor under our chair at the restaurant or in fitting rooms at the store. So, I’ve really learned to appreciate bags that are machine washable. Nice and clean! ✨💫

Goodbye Easter 2015

Easter break will be officially over after this weekend. Gert will go back to work and the Easter decorations will go back into their box until next year. They will be missed! The bedroom is the only place in the house that has a fireplace. Granted, it’s a fake one, but still. It makes it the only spot that I actually put effort into decorating for each season and occasion. It will be looking all Spring-themed as of next week.

easter decoration fireplace white samsung tv bedroom clean bunny rabbit ikea plant flowers pot statue statuette

lisa kristie home portrait blue

lisa kristie home portrait blue

I made this little bunny bag for my niece a few days ago. It contained some cash for her birthday. So although this wasn’t exactly meant as an Easter gift, I just figured the timing made it appropriate.

handmade diy bunny bag rabbit crafted craft white cotton stitched sewed sewing

handmade diy bunny bag rabbit crafted craft white pink cotton stitched sewed sewing happy birthday flower label satin bow

I’ll be honest though; although quite cute, it didn’t actually turn out the way I had planned. I’m too embarrassed to show the original pattern that it’s based on. Haha! For sure I would end up on!

♥︎ Lisa