Trip to Bruges

I’m 8 months pregnant, so there was no way I could travel very far this Summer. But we still wanted to do something to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, so, we drove an hour and a half to Bruges! Warning: this is going to be picture heavy.

First things first: the little card I handcrafted myself …

first year wedding anniversary cotton card handmade paper craft diy with stuffed fabric heart pastel green pistachio mint and white keepsake love personalized initials

This first year’s symbol is cotton – as per Belgian tradition – so I made a cotton heart to match. *you may now proceed to puke at our cheesiness*

Being the cheap bastards we are, we combined two Bongo vouchers we received from Gert’s brother & wife. One was for a fancy hotel stay with Champagne, which we got for our wedding last year. And the purple one was a voucher Gert received for his birthday a few months ago, and which we used towards dinner lol

Bongo prestige dagje Brugge bruges belgium voucher weekend

I, for once, packed very lightly. I was extremely proud of myself, when suddenly an extra furry weight decided to add itself in the hopes of coming along …

cat in luggage suitcase funny cute packing

But alas, #julesthecat stayed home and we arrived to this:

martin's hotels brugge bruges belgium suite room bed bongo bon voucher
martin's hotels brugge bruges belgium suite room bathroom bongo bon voucher
Not too shabby!

indeed :-)

martin's hotels brugge belgium suite room bathroom bongo bon voucher

cambrinus brasserie brewery restaurant brugge belgium bruges facade building by night rain rainy weather beautiful lights summer medieval architecture
We started the evening with dinner at Cambrinus.

Then strolled through the rainy weather …

After which we walked back to our beautiful hotel

martin's hotels bruges brugge belgium by night rainy entrance doorway patio charming style

The next day, we stumbled upon this awesome little corner:

 't terrasje brugse zot terrace cafe bruges brugge belgium  't terrasje brugse zot terrace cafe bruges brugge belgium funny sign opening times open most days occasionally some as late sometimes midnight not here at all lately time somewhere else ian patricia

And saw more of “the Venice of the North”

Then we found a store named after me:

chocoholic choco holic chocolate store bruges brugge belgium facade window front building outside street stoofstraat Katelijnestraat 30 8000 tourist weekend trip

And a store made for me!

Käthe Wohlfahrt kate christmas shop store all year round decoration brugge bruges belgium 8000 Walplein 12 kerstbrugge kerstmis winkel inside interior binnen gifts items products toys dolls
A Christmas shop all year round!

Käthe Wohlfahrt kate christmas shop store all year round decoration brugge bruges belgium 8000 Walplein 12 kerstbrugge kerstmis winkel inside interior binnen gifts items products toys dolls
Just look how ridiculously happy I am!

Käthe Wohlfahrt kate christmas shop store all year round decoration brugge bruges belgium 8000 Walplein 12 kerstbrugge kerstmis winkel inside interior binnen gifts items products toys dolls
So much to buy, so little money …

But still, Christmas in the middle of August = dream come true!
Käthe Wohlfahrt kate christmas shop store all year round decoration brugge bruges belgium 8000 Walplein 12 kerstbrugge kerstmis winkel inside interior binnen gifts items products toys dolls
For anyone who’s interested, here’s the website: Käthe Wohlfahrt

Then we found Gert’s personal Heaven:
Brewery / Restaurant De Halve Maan beer brugge bruges belgium Huisbrouwerij Walplein 26

Brewery / Restaurant De Halve Maan
Brewery / Restaurant De Halve Maan brugge bruges belgium Huisbrouwerij Walplein 26 interior inside

Gert’s idea of a perfect wall:
Brewery / Restaurant De Halve Maan brugge bruges belgium Huisbrouwerij Walplein 26 interior inside wall beer bottles high ceiling

The man in his natural habitat:

I know it’s hard to believe, but this was REALLY taken in the middle of August

So yeah, it was cold, cloudy, windy, crappy, but we still enjoyed every second of it :-)

I mean, just look how pretty!

And finally, the results of our modest shopping …

An appropriate little Christmas ornament from Käthe Wohlfahrt:
Christmas ornament from Käthe Wohlfahrt kate baby boy blue wooden tree decoration pacifier cute adorable gift present birth pregnancy keepsake

And Sam’s first little Bible, which was too cute to resist:

We’re basically already in “parent mode” and didn’t buy anything for ourselves lol

It was nice to have this one last trip as a couple with no children. Although, strangely, we’re more looking forward to trips WITH Sam than by ourselves now. I guess this means we’re totally ready for this baby to come :-)

Anyway, this was definitely my longest blog post to date. But I figured it was time to catch up, since I don’t update this thing as often as I’d like to.

More later!

♥︎ Lisa

Week 34 – One more month!

So here I am, getting bigger and bigger.

pregnancy pregnant belly shot portrait week 34 third 3rd last trimester white bodycon cotton dress stretchy

I wore this dress exactly one year ago on our honeymoon. Which is why I absolutely wanted to try it on again this week, as we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Since the dress is quite stretchy, I had hopes it would still fit, and it does! … kind of :-p

I haven’t updated in a month because things have just been too busy this Summer. We’ve been working so hard, trying to get everything finished before the baby arrives. We got most done, but sadly not 100% of everything I had planned. Oh well. We just accept the fact now that the rest will happen after he’s born, and that’s okay.

Here’s a little preview of the nursery, which is still a work in progress…

nursery in progress baby room bedroom crib gender neutral yellow green pastel colors ikea toys wooden furniture interior decoration inspiration ideas home cozy warm beautiful themed

All the wall decoration still needs to be done, and we’re also missing a matching rug and a mobile to hang above the crib. But worst case, we’ll just get those later. It’s not like Sam will notice and rate our decorating skills during the first few weeks of his life anyway! I had planned to invite my whole family around the end of August – in other words, NOW – to see the finished nursery and enjoy an afternoon all together, one last time before Sam arrives. But, it’s obvious now that I was a little too optimistic about that … We’re still working around the house every single day, with not one minute to waste, so it doesn’t look like we will get a chance to invite anyone anymore before September. Oh well.

In any case, I will post larger and more detailed pictures as soon as the nursery has come a little further along.

As far as the pregnancy is concerned: everything seems to be going smoothly. Sam is head down, like he should be. I feel like he’s getting so tall! But maybe that’s just an impression? The doctor didn’t really comment when I mentioned it. She just shrugged and smiled. I guess maybe she hears this every day. But they did tell us a few weeks ago that his weight seems to be a little heavier than average. I asked if this could be a concern for natural birth, and the doctor responded “we’ll try to do everything naturally.” Uhm. What do you mean, we’ll try? *gasp*

As for me: things are getting a bit uncomfortable, although still manageable. I still have leg cramps and stomach acid. At this point, I’m not even hoping anymore to get rid of these two issues while still pregnant. It’s only 5 more weeks, so, I’ll just suck it up for the remaining time. Most nights are okay. Some are not at all. But I’m still sleeping with my regular two pillows, so that’s good. I keep hearing about how many use those gigantic pregnancy pillows. I honestly wouldn’t know where to store such a bulky item. Our bedroom is small and our cupboards are full, and I hate clutter, so … needless to say it will never enter this house.

We’ve bought a few more baby clothes since we still don’t have much. I’ve now focused on one piece pajamas with closed feet. Next thing I should stock up on are socks. I only have 5 or 6 pairs, which is ridiculous. But oh well, I think we have all the essentials covered now. And worst case, I’ll just run the washing machine more often so I won’t run out of clean clothes for our little guy.

Next on my to do list: prepare my hospital bag. I got a check list from the hospital and I actually don’t have half the items that are listed … so this will be fun to tackle this week. Eh.

That’s about it for now. I feel like I forgot to mention a million things. But if I think of anything later on, I’ll just add it in my next post!

♥︎ Lisa

Week 30 – Swollen feet!

Do you know how often I’ve heard people say “oh, poor thing, her last trimester falls right during Summer“, like it’s the most horrible thing ever? Truth be told: Summer heat isn’t killing me like most seem to think. In fact, I’d be perfectly fine … if it wasn’t for swollen feet :-S

I don’t know if this is bound to happen anyway during the last few months, or if it really is heat related. But in any case, it SUCKS. None of my shoes fit anymore. Flip flops are the only thing I can manage at the moment, but they’re very flat and so not exactly ideal either. Bleh.

The only thing that seems to help right now is to not walk too much and to soak them in water, like an old lady …


Leg cramps are still ruining my nights, while stomach acid seems to have taken a seat back. The biggest difference I’m starting to notice with my “normal self” is that I can’t walk long distances anymore. I hope I can get back into shape quite quickly after this. I can’t stand being limited so much these days. It’s frustrating. Although, on a more positive side, I no longer experience fatigue like I did a while ago.

Anyway, enough whining! We’re currently busy getting the nursery ready. My goal was to have it finished by the end of July, which is clearly not the case …

The ceiling got two coats of fresh white paint. And you can see we’ve already tried some swatches on the walls. We’ve settled on “sunrise yellow”, which is a few shades lighter than the current color. I want to tone it down, because right now it’s bright yellow and it drives me a bit crazy.

Gert is doing most of the physical work. Bless him. He’s so dedicated.

Tomorrow will be our last ultrasound! Last time we’ll see Sam on screen. The next time we’ll see him will be face to face :-)

I think I felt him hiccup for the first time this week. My belly kept going up and down every two seconds lol I had heard from other pregnant women that this was a common thing to feel, but I had never felt it until now. I think he’s also running out of room, because the way he moves has changed during the last few weeks.

I hope he’s in the right position. We’ll find out tomorrow. I don’t want a c-section. So, fingers crossed!

♥︎ Lisa

Week 29 – Running out of time

Nearing the end of week #29 … here’s what I look like at the moment:

It’s weird how quickly you can get used to a whole new body. Don’t get me wrong, the growing belly is uncomfortable as ever, and I can’t wait for it to be over. But I mean, looks-wise, I think it suits me alright (if I may say so myself lol).

Obviously though, the bare belly pictures are less flattering than those where I’m wearing proper clothes. But that’s okay, I don’t mind. I think it’s fun to see it progressing. I’m planning to make a whole memory book of the pregnancy + Sam’s first year, which will include these belly shots.

Although I have totally failed to take one a week, as I had originally planned. Oh well! Close enough. It’s not that big of a deal.

Overall, I’m feeling okay now. Except for heartburn and leg cramps.

Fatigue is no longer an issue, so I’m guessing the iron supplements have done their job. I stopped taking them because I felt fine and didn’t see any point to it anymore. But if I ever get really tired again, I’ll know I need to get back on them right away. The side effects were annoying, so I’m hoping I can get by without them from now on.

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of July. There is still so much to do before this baby arrives! The nursery is far from done. And I feel like I can’t do a proper inventory of what we’re missing until everything we have so far has been put into place.

I’m also still debating whether closet dividers such as these would be useful or not:

6 custom yellow bee honeycomb pattern closet dividers plastic discs watch me grow stickers on etsy gender neutral for baby clothes sizes sizing months
photo credit Watch Me Grow Stickers on Etsy

Such a detail, I know! But I can imagine it may be handy when you have a closet full of sizes ranging from newborn up to 12 months. We don’t have many baby clothes yet though, so building up a bigger stash is getting quite urgent now. Gert’s brother keeps saying not to buy anything because we’ll be getting a lot of hand-me-downs from them, but time is passing and still nothing … So screw it, we’ve started buying. Only 10 weeks to go, if this baby doesn’t come early. We can’t risk having him without anything to clothe the poor thing. We found a super cheap store about 15min away and bought a whole basket full of clothes there for a total of 20€. Wow! I seriously need to go back there soon lol

We’ll be attending our very last prenatal class this coming Tuesday. It makes me a bit sad; which I know is silly! But it’s a once in a lifetime experience. I mean, obviously, we won’t be attending these again, even if we ever expect another baby later on. Because they’re only useful for first time parents like us who have no clue what they’re stepping into.

All emotional silliness aside, those classes are very interesting. Last week’s topic was breastfeeding; which we were completely clueless about, so we definitely learned a lot there. The week before that, we got to visit the entire maternity ward. That was pretty cool. Now I know what the actual delivery room looks like and where I’ll be staying the following days. I also got to see what color the walls and bed sheets are, so I can make sure my outfits, as well as the baby’s will be color coordinated with everything so we can take flawless pictures. Yes, I know, I’m ridiculous like that! ;-)

♥︎ Lisa

Week 28 – So tired, but 70% complete!

I feel sooooo tired these days. We actually found out last week why that is. I had a glucose test a couple of weeks ago, and while the blood results came back fine, they did show that my iron has dropped a bit. It’s no big deal, but just enough to make me sleepy some days. The doctor hesitated to prescribe iron supplements, but then figured it may be best to go ahead and take them, since I just started my last trimester and it apparently takes a month and a half to build up. So, she didn’t want to risk me being any weaker come September.

We attended our very first prenatal class at the hospital last Tuesday, July 1st. There were about 8 more couples in our group. We had to introduce ourselves, which quickly made it clear that I’m the only housewife who’ll be staying home with the baby lol And to make me look like an even bigger uneducated cliché, I was the only one who had obviously not read ANYTHING about labor and birth. Way to go, Lisa! *woot woot* My logic was: I’m not going to scare myself with gory details; since I’ve already booked these classes, they’ll tell me what I need to know. So I didn’t want to stress myself in advance. But now I felt like the awkward kid at school who didn’t read the assignment and sits there quietly hoping not to be noticed or questioned lol

The information was interesting though. We also got to see an educational movie about birthing, which luckily was less gross than I had feared. This was partly thanks to the shabby quality of the projector. So yay for that!

This evening, we’ll be attending our second class, which will include a tour of the maternity ward. I’m actually most excited about this! I feel that if I can already see where everything will happen, then it won’t feel so much like stepping into the unknown. And it will ultimately help me worry less.

We have started emptying Gert’s office this week, which will become Sam’s nursery. I’ve already gotten a few paint swatches from the store to try on the walls, and some will be used to paint these cute little bird houses I got a while ago for about 1€ / piece.

cheap diy wooden birdhouses to paint plain handmade craft decoration nursery baby bedroom child cute adorable idea interior

And then we’ll empty our bedroom and give it a new coat of fresh paint as well + change the furniture around to include mine. This is totally unrelated to the baby, but still something I’m really looking forward to. I just can’t stand our bedroom anymore as it is right now.

As for Sam, he seems to be doing very well! Moving a lot, day and night, nice strong heart beat (last measured at 140 bpm). I’m obviously hoping for a strong and healthy baby, like any mother I’m sure.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. No belly shot today, but I’ll catch up later this week or during the weekend, God knows.

♥︎ Lisa