Week 26 – Goodbye second trimester!

I know, I haven’t updated in a month. There wasn’t really a whole lot to update about each week, and I’ve been pretty busy, as well as VERY tired lately. I don’t know why I’m suddenly so tired again. Overall, I’m feeling okay though. Except for heartburn. Heartburn has been killing me for nearly two months. I hate it so much, it’s extremely uncomfortable. I’ve tried identifying which foods or drinks could be causing it. But the more I try to rule out, the more I realize it’s just happening no matter what. So screw it. The doctor said I could take antacids; that it’s perfectly safe for the baby. But I’d rather not take anything, just in case. So, unless it gets really out of hand and too painful, I’ll just suck it up the natural way.

Anyway, as you can see, I look pretty much the same as 4 weeks ago (at least I think? lol):

I don’t feel like the belly has grown that much. But I do feel like Sam has grown, so that’s a bit of a paradox.

My third trimester starts in a few days, on July 1st. I can’t wait to start working on the nursery next week! Our bedroom, which is right next to it, will also be going through a massive makeover. There’s still some furniture back at my old place that will be moved here, so it will replace Gert’s old bedroom for the most part. I’m quite excited about that :-)

I can see Sam moving now just by looking at my bare belly. It’s creepy and fascinating at the same time. I should really film it soon, just for memory’s sake. Some days he’s active, some days he’s not. I suppose that’s normal?

I’ve noticed he’s completely quiet when I’m walking. I guess it soothes him to sleep, I don’t know. I can’t wait to meet my little guy! It’s still quite abstract right now. I thought the sonogram pictures made it more real, but still, it’s hard to imagine exactly what he will be like.

I’m slowly starting to panic about how many baby clothes we still need. And going shopping hasn’t exactly been productive either … I now realize I’m quite picky when it comes to our baby. And I’m never picky!

Our last dr. appointment a couple of weeks ago felt quite useless. They just took my weight, blood pressure, then made me drink something disgustingly sweet and drew some blood to test me for gestational diabetes. Which came back negative, as I had figured. They also listened to the baby’s heart, which was a little more fun, and also turned out to be just fine. “Normal” is exactly what you want to hear at those appointments. So I’m happy about that :-) His heart rate was fast at first, then slower, then faster again. She said it was a good sign and indicates that the baby’s feeling good. Sounds like bullshit to me, but what do I know, right? The next appointment is next week, and will be quite basic and dull. Again, just weight check, blood pressure check, baby’s heart beat … that’s it.

We’ll also be attending prenatal classes as of Tuesday. I’m still not sure what they’re about, to be honest. I think there’s one about labor and birth, another one about how to take care of our newborn, and there will apparently also be a hospital tour so we can see where the magic will happen lol I hope it won’t be too disgusting.

Anyway, I did purchase a couple more maternity clothes. A pale blue shirt and white pants:

I’m still trying really hard to stick to my larger non-maternity clothes. I mean, it’s only 3 more months. And who knows, maybe we will only have one baby. Or if we end up having another one, maybe the pregnancy won’t be during the same seasons at all. So I don’t want to waste money on this right now. I admit it would be quite fabulous to have an entire wardrobe full of maternity wear though. But a millionaire I ain’t …

I was also kind of forced to purchase two dresses, because we have a couple of somewhat formal parties to attend this Summer, and it’s clear at this point that I would have nothing appropriate to wear … so yeah. I bought them online though, so I’m still waiting for them to be delivered (while praying to God that they will fit).

Anyway, that’s about it for now! I can’t wait to post pictures of the nursery soon :-)

♥︎ Lisa

Week 22 – Sam is becoming very active

This is what I look like at 22 weeks …

I think clothes make a world of a difference at this point. I feel like I look bigger in the bare belly picture than the one with the sweater covering it up. Or maybe I’m just totally delusional and I look the same in both.

Whatever the case, I don’t really care right now. It’s not like there’s much I can do about it until he’s born. I did gain a little over 9 kilos though, and that scared me a bit when I stepped on the scale this week. But I checked out the weight gain chart, and apparently I’m still within the healthy average. Good enough for me!

Sam has gotten extremely active over the past week or two. I used to only feel him kicking about 3 times a day barely a month ago. His schedule was like clockwork. Started at noon, then again at 4PM, and one last time around 8PM. Now he’s moving all over the place from 7AM to midnight. Maybe even while I’m sleeping, but if that’s the case, it hasn’t woken me up yet.

Clothes are becoming a challenge though. I still live in sweat pants and that one pair of maternity jeans. Blah. I have stretchy skirts that still fit, but the weather isn’t generally warm enough, and pairing them with tights is … well, tight. Tops and sweaters are also starting to reach their stretching limit, which sucks, as I was hoping to still be able to wear them the whole Summer. But I’m starting to realize that my brilliant strategy is slowly sailing away …. Pffft. Not looking forward to shopping for more maternity clothes. It feels like such a waste of money since I will only need this for a few months.

Baby facts for this week are: he measures 28cm and weighs 430 grams. Not bad, huh! Right now, he weighs about one seventh of his final weight and is still pretty skinny and wrinkly. Hair has also started growing, but it’s still white, as pigmentation hasn’t developed yet.

That’s about it for now. More later!

♥︎ Lisa

Sam is on the way

baby boy gender name reveal cards handmade diy blue paper crafted creation unique one of a kind ooak sonogram picture due date expecting pregnancy pregnant on the way announcement friends and family satin bow idea inspiration creative pinterest

We’re expecting a little boy!

It came as such a surprise! Gert was convinced from day 1 that we’d be having a girl, and all our friends and family seemed quite sure of it too. I had to try real hard to stay as neutral and open to both as possible. I kept having to tell people “stop saying it’s a girl, we don’t know yet”. But I admit in the end I started getting a bit carried away by everyone’s certainty! So, when the doctor said “boy”, our jaws dropped.

And then we panicked because, although we had agreed on an option for a boy name, it wasn’t quite as sure as the girl name we had picked. And now it was definitely serious, so we threw our idea out the window and started back from scratch.

First it took me a whole day to get used to the idea of having a boy lol Don’t get me wrong though, I was not disappointed. Just very much surprised and unprepared! Then I started going through the national list of almost 8000 baby boy names, all born last year. So I wrote down whatever I found decent. I grabbed my list, went to my mom’s place and said them all out loud. She nodded yes or no as I was saying each name, so I started unchecking a few. And then I got to “Sam” and she stopped and said “oh, I like that.” I thought “Ok, we have a winner”. Especially since it’s a name I had actually considered from the very beginning, but sort of wrote off because there wasn’t really any family tie or meaning to it. But now it was definitely back on the top of my list.

It ticked all the boxes:
– short
– easy
– the same in every language (this is especially important to us in Dutch, French and English, since we use all three on a regular basis).
– nothing weird or too original; just nice and normal
– flows well with our last name
– won’t be made fun of or twisted into something messed up

I also didn’t want something that would require him to spell his name to everyone. And we didn’t really care to be unique. We just wanted something that would be easy for him to carry for life.

Then the next day, we started considering Louis, which is Gert’s father’s name. We actually considered Louis from the very beginning of the pregnancy. But when I checked out the national list, I noticed it was in the top 10. Now, I know I wanted something nice and normal, but a top 10 first name was out of the question, because we have one of the most common last names of the country. We went back & forth between Sam and Louis the whole weekend. At the end, I sat down and said both names out loud and tried to get a feel of it. I started imagining him as both a “Sam” and a “Louis”, and I realized that “Sam” felt much more right. I can’t quite explain it; it just felt like it would suit him better. And extra bonus: it’s way down in the national top 50. So, not too popular, but without being too rare. Which is exactly what we were looking for.

Now, I know there are definitely other people named Sam who also have our last name. But at least it won’t be as many.

So I asked Gert when he got home how he would feel about naming him that, and he agreed right away and said he liked it :-) Hallelujah! A name at last!

We traditionally have one first name and two middle names over here. We figured those out quite quickly after we settled on a first name. He will thus be named: Sam Alexander Louis. Alexander after my great-grandfather, and Louis, obviously, after Gert’s dad. We had gotten so close to naming him Louis that it still deserved a spot in the full name.

The next day, we went to Gert’s parents to ask their opinion about “Sam”. We were 99% sure of our choice, but I didn’t want to name him something they would hate. Thank Goodness though, they said they liked it and seemed happy :-) Quite frankly though, I think the fact that we asked their opinion made them more happy than the actual name lol I wasn’t planning to get the whole family involved in the name choosing process, but the grandparents matter a lot, in my opinion.

Soooo … here are the gender / name reveal cards I’ve been working on:

baby boy gender name reveal cards handmade diy blue paper crafted creation unique one of a kind ooak original sonogram picture due date expecting pregnancy pregnant on the way announcement friends and family satin bow idea inspiration creative pinterest
baby boy gender name reveal cards handmade diy blue paper crafted creation unique one of a kind ooak original sonogram picture due date expecting pregnancy pregnant on the way announcement friends and family satin bow idea inspiration creative pinterest
baby boy gender name reveal cards handmade diy blue paper crafted creation unique one of a kind ooak original sonogram picture due date expecting pregnancy pregnant on the way announcement friends and family satin bow idea inspiration creative pinterest
baby boy gender name reveal cards handmade diy blue paper crafted creation unique one of a kind ooak original sonogram picture due date expecting pregnancy pregnant on the way announcement friends and family satin bow idea inspiration creative pinterest

Quite a stash to send out …

I know nobody ever sends out cards like these (maybe we’ll launch a new trend here?). But I figured it was such a nice gesture and would make people feel more involved, as well as a bit more excited about the upcoming birth. We generally just get birth announcements in the mail, and often think “okay … we had no idea they were expecting” lol So this gives time to whoever we may have not seen in a while, to maybe reconnect and meet up or drop us a note or whatever they feel like doing. There are no strings attached and we’re definitely not expecting any response, but at least it gives people a chance if they want to. And for those who already know there’s a baby on the way, I thought this was the most diplomatic way of handling the gender and name reveal. Because I sent out all the cards at once, so everyone will get them the same day, and nobody can moan and complain about finding out after other people. I also included a little handwritten “thank you” note for those who have already purchased some early gifts.

Some people may wonder why we didn’t opt for the more formal “Samuel”. But we would personally NEVER call him Samuel anyway, so I figured there was no point. I’m really quite happy about our choice. I think it’s versatile enough to suit him whatever life path and profession he chooses later on. I absolutely wanted to figure out his name as soon as possible so that I can start calling him that and start feeling more familiar about it before his birth. Just being able to say “him” instead of “it” or “he/she” already feels awesome! I can’t wait to meet our little boy and dress him in mini-Gert outfits :-)

♥︎ Lisa

Week 20 – We know the gender!

Oooo, I’m so excited about this past week! We found out the baby’s gender a few days ago. I won’t mention any clues for now. I want to first tell all our friends and family before posting it online.

Here’s what I look like today:

I’m feeling pretty good at the moment! I think the second trimester ease has finally settled in. Four more months before the big day! I’m really quite happy about the timing of this pregnancy, because I’ll be spending my last trimester in the Summer. Fingers crossed for no lengthy heat waves; as this would be the only down side to it. On all the plus sides: Gert will have two months off in July and August, which will give us plenty of time to work on the baby’s room and to finish all the last preparations before September. So I should be able to spend my last few weeks quite peacefully. And since it will be Summer, clothes will be easier to deal with. No coats or sweaters to worry about with a growing belly.

I’m busy preparing our little gender/name reveal cards that we’ll be sending out to everybody in the next few days. Although there’s a last minute hesitation about the name … oy.

It will feature Wednesday’s sonogram picture on the front. It’s a profile shot with a little arm and hand under the chin. And I will also decorate the front with white satin bows. The inside of the card will mention the gender, and maybe the name if we decide for sure before we send them. I’ll post a picture of the finished result as soon as everyone has received them.

The baby was hiccuping at one point during the ultrasound, but mainly seemed to be sleeping during most of it. It was definitely less active than last time; which made some measurements a bit more difficult as it wouldn’t change position. One of the aspects they wanted to look at in detail was to measure the risk of a premature birth. In the end, the doctor managed to get all the needed information, and it turns out that the risk of going into labor before week 37 is only 3%. That’s apparently exceptionally low, as the average % for the whole population is about 8%. So I *should* be cool until mid-September.

This week’s baby details: It measures 25.6cm and weighs 300 grams. The baby is fully formed and all the supplied energy is now used to gain weight. I can definitely feel it kicking and moving at this point. Although it still remains hard to feel from the outside (with our hands placed on my belly). The doctor did say that the baby is positioned quite deep in the back, which does make movements a little harder to feel than most pregnancies. He assured us this is nothing to worry about and doesn’t affect anything in terms of health.

So, this is all good news :-) And now we can finally start buying gender-specific clothes and toys!

♥︎ Lisa

Week 19 – I suddenly got huge!

Yikes, I missed last week’s update. Oh well! We’ve been so busy these past few weeks, it’s ridiculous. I wish I could dedicate more time to this website. My twitter and instagram accounts have gone mute as well. I really need to catch up!

Anyway, here I am, 19 weeks pregnant. I have suddenly gotten pretty massive. I’m almost halfway through my pregnancy, so it’s a bit scary to think that this belly will be growing even more for yet another four months and a half. SCARY.

I’m pretty sure I’m feeling the baby several times a day now, but it’s still quite subtle and hard to identify for sure each time. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just my own muscles spasming or what. Although I have seen some bumps going up and down, so I’m assuming that was definitely the baby. Gert keeps trying to catch it, but as soon as he places his hand on my belly, the baby seems to stop moving completely lol Poor Gert!

The baby does seem to recognize the difference and apparently knows when it’s my hand, because it starts moving a few moments after I lay my hand on my belly; almost every time. It’s quite bizarre.

This week’s baby facts are: it measures a little over 15cm (still measured without the legs at this point) and weighs 240 grams. The baby is now covered with vernix; which is a white coating that protects the skin from damage in the womb. Some babies actually keep this coating until birth, but it decreases as the delivery date gets closer. The baby’s gender could now be identified on an ultrasound. He or she is awake 6 hours a day right now.

Gert put together the adorable little crib we got from his brother and wife. Of course Jules had to give it a try as soon as it was done …

There’s a swing mechanism we can either use or block with a simple pin, so that’s neat. All the baby furniture we got from them is in the same kind of wood, so that’s what the nursery will consist of. We will only start working on the actual room as of July. I can’t wait to make it all cute and pretty! We don’t know yet whether we’re going to have a boy or a girl (we’ll find out next Wednesday!), but we’ve already decided that the nursery will be painted in pale yellow, combined with white, and maybe with some hints of pale green and a few touches of brown here and there.

I have pinned these few pictures on my Houzz account for inspiration. Although I have to say our room is a lot smaller, so I’m not sure we’ll achieve the same effect. But that’s the kind of vibe I’d like to go for:

I’d like to add a bunch of brown plush toys, such as these:

There has to be at least one giraffe, and a grumpy cat! lol

We’ll find out the baby’s gender next Wednesday, May 14th! Oh my God, I can’t wait!!! I won’t be posting it on this website right away though. I’d like to first tell our friends and family, so the website will have to wait a few more weeks!

♥︎ Lisa