Wolf The Dog

A work in progress

The living room is starting to look so nice! It’s not finished yet, but it’s definitely coming together now. The overall vibe is so peaceful. 90% of the furniture is recycled. The only new purchase we made was one of the two single seats, and then matching covers so that the old seat and the new one would look exactly the same. Obviously, Ikea seats are not the most original interior pieces. But when you have a dog, a cat, and hopefully a couple of children in the near future, it’s kind of the most practical option. The covers are machine washable. And if they get really badly ruined, we can just buy new ones for 40 euros. So, at least I know I won’t be freaking out the minute they get scratched or stained.

ikea ektorp seat one person single legs putting together interior decoration home diy on a budget cheap white bright cream beige light living room

ikea ektorp seat one person single legs putting together interior decoration home diy on a budget cheap white bright cream beige light living room

ikea ektorp seat one person single legs putting together interior decoration home diy on a budget cheap white bright cream beige light living room

interior makeover white diy work in progress antique chinese cabinet decoration decor

Gert insisted on putting his metal airplane on top of his old glass display. I’m personally not crazy about any of it. But I guess I’ll be diplomatic and let him keep it for a few more months lol Ideally, I’d like a more stylish glass cabinet. And no metal plane on top. The battle of the sexes continues …

white interior living room area pale light bright colors pastel beige chihuahua male short haired smooth coat wolf wolfthedog ikea seats couch diy glass coffee table interior home decoration

The coffee table is not new either. It’s actually Gert’s old table, which was originally dark cherry wood and was starting to look really old and tired, as some of the corners were badly scratched. It’s not finished yet. We still need to put an extra wooden board on the bottom and finish the sides with molding. I will make a separate post about it later when it’s done!

♥︎ Lisa

So this is what we’ve been up to …

I know I haven’t posted in a while. We’ve been soooo busy! We had initially planned to simply remove the wallpaper in the living area and paint the walls white. But then that little project somehow turned into a whole house makeover. We started rearranging our furniture differently, I sanded and painted some of it, we ditched some, recycled some … Anyway, it’s not finished yet, but it will be a whole different home by the time we’re done.

Meanwhile, I’m in desperate need of a cosmetic intervention. I’m so tired! We’re almost there though. I can’t wait to show pictures once it’s finished. If it turns out the way that it looks in my head, it’s going to look amazing.

sanding furniture cabinet wood sander electric woman
chihuahua portrait female woman holding pet wolf wolfthedog beige short haired smooth coat male dog puppy sitting on lap tiny small cute adorable home

painted cupboard cabinet furniture wood white hand diy self home made done sanded varnished mirror bedroom
white bedroom cabinet that I sanded and painted and varnished myself  - leather jewelry box on top
repainted livingroom living room white walls ceiling makeover new paint color ikea couch ektorp
white pink gingham checkered mug coffee tea cup home ikea ektorp couch seat home living room break
portrait female woman chihuahua male wolf wolfthedog short haired smooth coat beige white macbook laptop apple home smiling
repainted white living room area seats ikea ektorp couch seat chinese cabinet diy coffee table interior decoration work in progress
tabby black white beige brown cat jules julesthecat testing laying in couch seat ektorp ikea single

Tested and approved by Jules the cat. 👍

Everything still looks messy right now. I’m hoping we can get this finished within a week. We’re dead tired, but it’s so worth it!

♥︎ Lisa

Summer 2015 has officially started

There’s a massive heatwave going on here in Europe right now. 🌞 🔥 So since it’s too hot to bother with a proper hairstyle, this is how I shamelessly walk around at the moment:

We did lounge in the yard a bit on Tuesday, and even saw our little squirrel friend. 🌳 So cute! ❤️

You know it’s bad when #julesthecat is too tired to destroy the house.

Wolfie has been dealing surprisingly well. Although he does refuse to go outside since yesterday. I think he’s smart enough to know better! Good thing he’s trained to use his litter box. We have some hedgehogs and squirrels and God knows what else roaming around in the yard, so I put several water bowls out for them.

This is my current situation:

The temperature is supposed to climb up to 36°C later this afternoon. I’m trying really hard not to complain after whining for months that the climate was too cold here lol 😓

♥︎ Lisa