Wolf The Dog

February Health Update

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Sorry I’ve been mute this past week. I had a bit of a health scare and underwent a biopsy. The doctor assured me it was no big deal, but I already had visions of cancer and a dramatic ending before the results came back a few days later and were all clear. Whew! Big relief!

Still some worries about Wednesday, as I’ll have to go back for some sort of detailed ultrasound of the veins in and around the uterus. Not my idea of a fun day. But I’d rather go and know everything there is to know before we venture into a new pregnancy. Fingers crossed for good results. I’m such a pessimist these days. I figure if there’s anything that can go wrong, it WILL go wrong.

Now here’s someone who has no concept of stress and worries:

chihuahua male adult cream brown tan black short haired smooth coat closeup cute adorable beautiful turquoise fleece blanket sleepy chilling relaxed

*sigh* Wish me luck.

♥︎ Lisa

Finally some sun

winter yard frozen frost grass garden february europe belgium backyard trees wooden shed cold freezing sunshine
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Good morning! It’s freezing outside, the grass is looking a bit white, but at least the sun is finally shining here. We were stuck with dark weather for two weeks. Yikes.

Wolf – our new little chihuahua friend – is doing very well. We’ve had him for about 5 weeks now, and he has learned all the good manners I had hoped for. No more accidents on the floor; he neatly does his business on the newspaper corner we’ve set up for him. I really pushed him to use it because he completely refuses to go outside in bad weather, and since bad weather is all we get here, there was no other option but to have him do his thing indoors.

It’s a bit more work on my part, because I have to clean it up right away every single time. But it does have its advantages: clean yard, clean paws, clean floors. I still push him to go out whenever I can, because a bit of fresh air is necessary. But at least it’s not a constant worry anymore.

He and Gert have both warmed up to each other:

^^ Such a loving father! Haha!

Wolf used to completely ignore him in the beginning. I think it’s due to the fact that he’s with me 24/7, while Gert comes and goes, and is never very busy with him. I feed him, play with him, go to places with him, talk to him all day … so yeah. I’m glad he’s bonding more with Gert now!

♥︎ Lisa

It’s February Already!

I can’t believe I went a whole week without updating my blog. I’ve been busy with all sorts of unexciting household chores, a broken washing machine that strangely resolved itself, and a dog that is now finally diaper-free (although I’m still busy training him for a few other things).

He’s so much fun to have around. He follows me everywhere! We’ve now had to place a little bed for him near the bathroom because he waits for me patiently when I’m busy taking a shower.

woman portrait kitchen canon 5D MkII Mark II indoor light
chihuahua sitting bed male adult short hair smooth coat tan brown cream white black
chihuahua walking tiny small dog adult male short hair smooth coat tan brown cream white black
chihuahua closeup tongue sticking out face funny cute adult male short hair smooth coat tan brown cream white black big eyes

I received an e-mail from Google a few days ago. They offered me my own personalized Google URL. My Google+ page is now: google.com/+LisaKristie . They also reserved a nice and short Youtube URL for me, which is: youtube.com/c/LisaKristie . The thing about Youtube though is that I already own youtube.com/LisaKristie (without the /c in front of my name), but it’s linked to my old e-mail address, so I’m still a bit torn as to which to use. The new one with the /c in front is more practical for me, because I have direct access to it as soon as I come online. On the other hand though, the shorter youtube.com/LisaKristie account is a little more obvious for people, but it does require me to sign into my old account each time. Hmmm … Dilemma.

♥︎ Lisa

Wolf’s second week with us

Today is Sunday, so I put together some pictures of Wolf’s entire past week. We’ve had him for exactly 14 days now and I can’t believe how quickly he has adapted to his new life here with us. His first week wasn’t all that interesting because he spent the majority of his time sleeping! However, he has now come out of his shell and is proving to be an awesome little dog :-)

Besides being cute and funny, his week has consisted of:
– visiting my mom twice
– getting a bath
– spending much more time together with Jules the cat
– sleeping, sleeping, sleeping
– and walks in the neighborhood

chihuahua sweater winter black knit harness leash outdoor street cold walk walking tiny small breed dog short haired smooth coat beige tan cream white black brown male adult

I love how Gert doesn’t act like he’s too good to be seen with a ridiculously tiny dog ♥︎

We also went to the pet store with him to get a new harness. Look at this awesome little dressing area they have:

pet store clothes wardrobe dressing area outfits dogs chihuahua mirror corner table
pet store clothes wardrobe dressing area outfits dogs chihuahua mirror corner table

He absolutely hated it, but remained calm and well behaved.

I’m fed up with his diaper though. We’re working hard on getting this issue resolved. It has definitely improved, but it’s going to take a bit more time until we can ditch the diaper for good. On a side note: things have been going so well with the cat. We now let them roam freely and it’s been going exactly as we had hoped. No conflicts whatsoever. They both respect each other’s space and sometimes run around together. Jules the cat is still a bit intrigued and looks at him a lot from a distance. But he’s acting very relaxed and doesn’t look very fussed about this new creature being around, so that’s really all we can ask :-) I’m hoping to be able to snap a picture of them both together this coming week.

♥︎ Lisa