Celestial Seasonings Tea

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Typical Monday here. Bad weather, bad luck, bad mail. Just bad all around. The power went out in the whole house around 11am, and I cut my finger trying to open the electric case on the wall. That was right after I got a bill in the mail … Lovely!

Anyway, I wanted to share this awesome new tea I discovered last week:”Celestial Seasonings“. The pretty box caught my eye at the store, and now I’m hooked! I know the box here says “sleepy time” but I drink it any time of the day. Such a rebel.

A quick peek at Celestial’s website made it clear that only a fraction of their products are available at my local store. Just look how many herbal teas they have: http://www.celestialseasonings.com/products/herbal-teas And that’s only one section. I think our supermarket only has about 5 flavors total. Boohoo :-( I wish I could test them all. Although it’s an American based company, their products seem to be available worldwide. I know some of my readers are from the UK and Germany, so maybe you guys will have a little more luck where you live.

I know I totally sound like an advert now lol I promise I’m not getting paid for this (I wish though).

♥︎ Lisa