Christmas Tree 2014

I present to you: this year’s Christmas tree.

I’m still not happy about having all my Christmas decoration surrounded by a Buddha head, a giraffe, and an African mask that I tried to hide as best as I could behind the tree. But they belong to Gert and it’s a battle I haven’t won yet. Still working on it though :-p

This year’s celebrations are going to suck more than ever. We were supposed to be spending our first Christmas with our baby. So it feels like we’re back to square one now and it’s such a crappy feeling. I’m still determined to make the best of it though. And at least we have each other.

The tree decorations are the same as last year, and the year before, and the year before that … It’s time for a change, I guess. I just really couldn’t be bothered right now. All I wanted was to have it all up and be done with it. But next year, I would definitely like to change things a little. Perhaps make it all gold without red? Or silver and some kind of vintage looking dusty pink? Would that be too girly, maybe? Hmmm …

♥︎ Lisa