Coca Cola Life

coca cola life green coke review taste watery sparkling water flavor

Who’s tried the new Coca Cola Life? This chick right here! It’s been around for several months. I know I’m on the late train, but I finally bought one. It’s meant as a healthier alternative to the original red bottle, without heavily processed sugar. And is instead sweetened with the more natural and zero calorie Stevia extract. 🌱

The taste? It tastes like original Coke! Except maybe slightly more watery. Kind of like some sparkling water was added to a regular Coke.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I have a sweet tooth, so my sugar intake is something I try to keep track of. When I notice I’ve been consuming too much sugar in a day, this could be my go-to alternative if I’m craving a Coke afterwards, but want to keep the sugar and calories to a somewhat decent level.

Is it my favorite Coke? I’m an original red bottle kind of girl, so I’m afraid nothing will ever replace it! The “Life” version is a good alternative though! Thumbs up. 👍

Who else has given it a shot? Did you like it?

♥︎ Lisa