Emery’s birth announcement card

birth announcement

Most people to whom we’ve mailed Emery’s birth announcement card have probably received it by now, so here it is … My little sunshine themed card. I designed it myself from scratch and basically poured my heart into every little detail. At first, we thought about going to a specialized business to have this done. But then I didn’t feel like anyone would be able to nail it completely; considering how personal and emotional it all is. I absolutely wanted Sam to be mentioned in some way.

rainbow baby boy birth announcement card

I knew from the start I wanted a Summer / sunshine theme, because that’s the season Emery was going to arrive. But then the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was a lovely symbol after those dark few years we’ve been through. I started working on the design somewhere around the fifth month of my pregnancy, after we found out we were going to have a little boy again. Finally, the last few details were in place just a few days before he was born. All I needed before I could order the prints was his actual date of birth, his weight and size, and I had been thinking about adding a picture of him but wasn’t quite sure yet how that was going to work out. In the end, I did manage to get some lovely newborn photos of him in the outfit which I had hoped would be the right size, and everything came together quite nicely.

I may have gone a bit cheesy with the Beatles lyrics on the back, but I had had this song in my head during my whole pregnancy and it just felt so right and appropriate. I’m sure some people found it a bit too much or what have you. But I don’t care, it meant a lot to me and I really wanted it on there! ☀️

Originally, this outfit was actually meant for Sam. I bought it in August 2014; about 4 weeks or so before he died. Sam turned out to be a solid little man, and I remember it broke my heart to think that there was no way he would have fitted in it. Emery ended up being quite a bit smaller (granted, he was born earlier), and it kind of weirds me out now how it all fell into place to match perfectly.

I’ve been munching on these sugary treats for a few days now as I’m busy putting together this typical Belgian tradition: sugar coated chocolates – which literally translate to “sugar beans” – and which are meant to be wrapped up nicely in small portions and labeled with some sort of tag that mentions the newborn’s name and date of birth. They’re meant as little gifts for whoever comes to visit the baby, or well, whoever the Hell you feel like handing them out to. It doesn’t really matter. They’re basically a cute little keepsake to mark the baby’s birth. I think these were originally supposed to be handed out at the baby’s christening. But the whole tradition got a little blurry over time. We’ll probably be handing out another type of little gift at Emery’s christening later this year.

Emery’s sugar beans are yellow. These blue ones are Sam’s. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them at first. They’ve been sitting in the nursery for two years now and just expired a few weeks ago. At first, I thought about throwing them away. But then I couldn’t bring myself to do that. And I have a terribly sweet tooth. Maybe that seems a little messed up, but I decided to open the box and eat them. It’s not like they’re actually bad barely a couple of weeks past their expiration date lol I’ve been thinking about it though and decided that I will keep some blue treats aside and put together one piece of what I had originally planned for Sam, after all. We already had all the supplies, which we had bought just two days before he passed away. It’s still so sad. Once it’s done, I will put his blue sugar beans gift in the big box that contains all his stuff. I like to go through it every once in a while.

Emery’s version will be a lot more elaborate, since I couldn’t wait to FINALLY be able to hand out something cute and fun to people! I can’t wait to show the result.

He’s changing so fast already. I can literally see his face changing a tiny bit every day. Tomorrow, he’ll be exactly two weeks old!