Enjoying the beautiful Spring weather

Here are some random pictures we snapped earlier with the compact camera. The picture quality is not as pristine as with my good camera with a heavy lens, but it’s so handy to carry around in my purse on days like these. I wish the weather could be this sunny all year long!

I’m so glad I didn’t attend that family event on Gert’s side of the family this past weekend. He left at 5PM and got back home at almost midnight! I was already in bed by then, almost asleep. It would have physically drained me to get through such a long evening, with people talking all over the place and food being served until the end. We went out for a quick lunch the next day, and that was already tiring enough! This belly is becoming so big and uncomfortable. My back hurts, my hips hurt, my stomach is being pushed up high. I’m glad there are no more parties planned in the next few months because I would decline them all! I’m not going anywhere until those heavy kilos in my belly can be pushed around in a stroller. Haha!