Enjoying the last few days of Summer

We’re finally taking a small break here and enjoying the sun after all our hard work around the house. We always have several home improvement projects on our to-do list each Summer, because -1- the weather generally allows us to do the dirtiest part outside, and -2- it’s always nice to enjoy our home all up to date during those long dark Winter days. This year’s list included a bunch of paint work. The main one ended up being the garden shed. It was originally in its natural pine wood color; which is all nice and pretty when its new, but tends to age poorly (in my oppinion anyway). So I chose pale beige paint, as well as plain white for the trimming.

I LOVE the result! I used to never include the garden shed in our yard pictures, but now I think it actually makes for a nice background. I’m sure there’s a “before” picture posted somewhere on the blog about a year or two ago. I just can’t be bothered to include any in this post, because I never liked the way it looked lol

We’re pretty dead tired now. I honestly don’t understand why we had planned so much work for this Summer when we knew there was going to be a newborn baby in the mix. And then we actually stuck to our plans and finished it all … Hah! Crazy. But at least it’s all done now and we’re pleased with how everything looks, so I guess it was worth it! 😊