Finally some sun

winter yard frozen frost grass garden february europe belgium backyard trees wooden shed cold freezing sunshine
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Good morning! It’s freezing outside, the grass is looking a bit white, but at least the sun is finally shining here. We were stuck with dark weather for two weeks. Yikes.

Wolf – our new little chihuahua friend – is doing very well. We’ve had him for about 5 weeks now, and he has learned all the good manners I had hoped for. No more accidents on the floor; he neatly does his business on the newspaper corner we’ve set up for him. I really pushed him to use it because he completely refuses to go outside in bad weather, and since bad weather is all we get here, there was no other option but to have him do his thing indoors.

It’s a bit more work on my part, because I have to clean it up right away every single time. But it does have its advantages: clean yard, clean paws, clean floors. I still push him to go out whenever I can, because a bit of fresh air is necessary. But at least it’s not a constant worry anymore.

He and Gert have both warmed up to each other:

^^ Such a loving father! Haha!

Wolf used to completely ignore him in the beginning. I think it’s due to the fact that he’s with me 24/7, while Gert comes and goes, and is never very busy with him. I feed him, play with him, go to places with him, talk to him all day … so yeah. I’m glad he’s bonding more with Gert now!

♥︎ Lisa