First video of 2016

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet on here this past month. I did spend as much time as usual in front of my laptop, but my time was spent backing up and organizing all the home videos we have recorded over the past few years, instead of updating my blog. At first I figured it wouldn’t be much work, since I consider myself more of a photo person. But I guess I really underestimated the amount of random video clips we’ve accumulated. Most of them are nothing special; just random videos from around the house featuring our pets, our yard, and some vacations. Now I have to say, I’m starting to realize the value of videos. Don’t get me wrong; photography is still my number one favorite way of preserving memories (and God knows I’m a memories hoarder). But I think I will start putting a little extra effort into our home videos from now on. They’re not as pretty and artsy looking, but they are quite fun.

So here’s a short example of the random crap we have accumulated tons of gigabytes of. Make sure you set it to “HD”.

It shows this year’s first snow here in Belgium (which was really nothing to write home about), and one stupid pheasant that landed in our yard a few hours later. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a pheasant in the yard. They’re so dumb. They can never seem to figure out how to get past the fencing. They just go back and forth for hours on end. I always end up walking up to them while clapping my hands so they will get scared and fly away. I had to do the same with this one, because that silly creature was still running back and forth trying to find an exit when it started to get dark outside! So stupid lol They are beautiful to look at though.

I honestly don’t know if videos would ever become a regular thing on my blog. If it ever does, it won’t be about boring and random stuff like this! For now, I’ll stick to pictures. But I felt like sharing this little clip for a change, since that’s what I’ve been busy doing these past few weeks. :-)