Good God, it’s almost Christmas

Jesus Christ, I think it’s time for me to admit to myself that I simply do not enjoy this particular season. It has never been the same again since Sam passed away. Third Christmas without him. Still hoping no one will send us a Christmas card with a picture of their baby on it; I still have a hard time with those. I realize that my lack of festive updates also probably makes me the crappiest blogger out there, because everyone else has been sharing wonderful Christmas themed pictures for a solid month now, and I just cannot be bothered!

Baking? Nope!
Cooking? Nope!
Decorating? Bare minimum!
Gift shopping? Bare minimum, and strictly online.
Christmas movies on TV? ZAP!!!!
I don’t own any Christmas themed sweaters or dresses, and have no plans of purchasing any. Waste of money, I tell you.

Maybe Christmas and New Year will get better again in the future. But for now, the holiday season leaves me feeling empty.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about which direction I want this blog to take as of next year (in other words, next week 😛 ). I feel like it’s time for a change. Of course I will still update this website. I love it. I may not always have as much time for it as I’d like to, but I still love my little piece of internet and would never delete it. So, no worries about that. But after all the lengthy pregnancy updates, the baby updates, the random reviews and thoughts here and there, I feel like it’s sort of lacking substance. It was fun sharing my personal life for a while, and also quite therapeutic for a solid year, and I suppose I will continue to include it in some way, but maybe not as the main focal point. Especially with Emery growing up. It’s all well and good now that he’s still a baby, but I can see that this might not be the best idea a few years down the road. There’s something about your kid’s privacy that’s kind of sacred, you know?

I have a few ideas in mind for the future of this website. The old content will remain, and any future change will be slow and gradual. I might start playing around with the code and design in the next few months, so don’t worry if you happen to catch it in a funky moment.

Now, in case I don’t get to post any more updates this coming week: I want to go ahead and wish all my readers a cozy Christmas, and a wonderful New Year 2017! Here’s hoping next year will be a year of good health for you and your loved ones. That’s the most important! The rest is superfluous.🌹