Goodbye Easter 2015

Easter break will be officially over after this weekend. Gert will go back to work and the Easter decorations will go back into their box until next year. They will be missed! The bedroom is the only place in the house that has a fireplace. Granted, it’s a fake one, but still. It makes it the only spot that I actually put effort into decorating for each season and occasion. It will be looking all Spring-themed as of next week.

easter decoration fireplace white samsung tv bedroom clean bunny rabbit ikea plant flowers pot statue statuette

lisa kristie home portrait blue

lisa kristie home portrait blue

I made this little bunny bag for my niece a few days ago. It contained some cash for her birthday. So although this wasn’t exactly meant as an Easter gift, I just figured the timing made it appropriate.

handmade diy bunny bag rabbit crafted craft white cotton stitched sewed sewing

handmade diy bunny bag rabbit crafted craft white pink cotton stitched sewed sewing happy birthday flower label satin bow

I’ll be honest though; although quite cute, it didn’t actually turn out the way I had planned. I’m too embarrassed to show the original pattern that it’s based on. Haha! For sure I would end up on!

♥︎ Lisa