Goodbye September!

Here are the very last pictures of this month! Goodbye September 2015 …

sunny september kitchen interior home sink window sun plants beige white light bright pale neutral cozy warm home decoration shabby chic

Can this amazing weather please stick around for another month?

aldi white potted plant green pot bubbles modern holes carved cheap porcelain angel thinking cute statue decoration home beige neutral home cozy sunny

The hydrangea is still alive after this Summer almost killed it! (as well as my lack of proper care)

hortensia hydrangea plant flowers autumn fall september sun light weather garden patio potted belgium europe outside yard outdoor sunny

The laundry is drying outside. Doesn’t happen often! This is nice!

belgium europe sunny weather september autumn fall yard garden outdoor outside sun light bright warm beautiful laundry drying

This is not.

insect europe belgium autumn fall green flying beetle wings winged antennas

So this is what a bad hair day looks like.

And the best little dog in the world.

chihuahua beige short haired smooth coat purebred breed breeder wolf wolfthedog

Or not.

chihuahua beige short haired smooth coat purebred breed breeder wolf wolfthedog

Sowing the seeds the love is finally up!

sowing the seeds of love thomas barbey framed home interior original belgium europe artist art photography black and white

Jules the cat is thinking: “Soon”

cat chihuahua dog home interior beige white living room sofa couch tv european scandinavian style pets

Wolf the dog has no clue.

cat chihuahua dog interior beige white home decoration european scandinavian style


cat chihuahua dog pets home couch sofa house living room interior beige white tv getting along playing

But not quite! :-)