Happy May 1st

May 1st is quite a thing here in Belgium. I think they also celebrate it in France. It’s kind of like Labor Day; which is celebrated by giving each other lily of the valley flowers, sending each other cards with lily of the valley flowers on them, and also by … not laboring at all. This year, May 1st happens to be on a Sunday, so most people will get Monday off from work instead.

lily of the valley card may 1st first cross stitching decoration gift home white flowers

lily of the valley flowers gift may 1st belgium holiday

lily of the valley flower buds may 1st spring season closeup pot

may 1sr lily of the valley cross stitching pattern framed

Lily of the valley wish card may 1st first belgium france holiday tradition

Good Lord, my roots are a mess. Two more weeks until my new hair color! Can’t wait!