Happy New Year 2016!

I apologize for the lack of updates during Christmas and New Year. I had actually promised myself that this would be my laziest holiday ever. Mission accomplished.

I just wanted to stay home, take it easy, relax, watch movies, and basically be the least productive possible. I didn’t cook, or bake, or dress up. I lounged around like a slob and I loved it! The result is a somewhat empty blog and a serious lack of festive pictures, but also one happy and relaxed Lisa. So, no guilty feelings here.

I finally watched my double DVD of Gone With The Wind. Gert had never seen it (shame on him!), so I felt we needed to fix that. Thank God he actually quite liked it. I think the fact that he was expecting it to be much worse kind of helped. 😄

Other than that, there’s really not much to report here. Except that I have a cold, which I’m now waiting to be completely healed so that I can get my flu shot. I hate how no one on Gert’s side of the family takes vaccination seriously. It makes me want to sign them all up for some educational classes on viral diseases and how they can silently spread and put other people’s health in jeopardy, even if you don’t feel any symptoms yourself. I’m not sure if their unwillingness to get vaccinated is simply because they’re clueless about the subject, or if they’re just plain selfish. Either way, it pisses me off. Whenever I try to lay out the facts for them, it feels like my words are hitting a brick wall.

Gert’s aunt is now stuck in Germany until further notice, where she was spending the holidays at her daughter’s place … because she caught the flu. She’s 80 years old. So obviously, it doesn’t heal as quickly and easily as it does when you’re young and fit. She didn’t get vaccinated – of course – and you know that even with this whole ordeal she’s going through right now, she’ll still be stubborn about not getting it done next year.

I just really don’t understand them. But whatever. Let them be sick. I’m getting vaccinated next week! 😠