Happy Valentine’s Day 2016!

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. ❤️ It dawned on me today how lucky Gert and I are to have found each other. Despite all the hardships and bad luck we’ve had to face on all fronts, at least we are together and still madly in love. I knew from the beginning that we were a solid couple. As the years went by, I knew for sure we were unbreakable and could face anything. When we lost Sam, this was proven a thousand times, in a thousand different situations. Some things that could have torn some couples apart or divided them in grief, didn’t affect our bond one bit. I always knew and I still know that we will always be together. Life is so easy with him. There are no conflicts, no arguments, no tensions, no misunderstandings. Only love and respect, and a whole lot of laughter. I can talk to him about anything; even the most personal matters. He’s always there to listen and offer advice and support. Sometimes I wonder if we’re one person split into two bodies. And I’m amazed at the fact that – while there are billions of people walking this planet – we somehow managed to find that one person who suits us to perfection.

There are days when I wonder why I’m so cursed in a few areas. But then on days like today, I realize I’m so lucky when it comes to love. If I didn’t have him, I’m not sure I would have stood so strong during some tragedies that have crossed my path over the years.

I selfishly look at Valentine’s Day as our personal holiday lol So thanks to whoever put us on the calendar!

On a side note: I can’t believe it’s been exactly 4 years today since he proposed!

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How time flies …