I think I may be pregnant

We’ve been trying for baby #1 for several months, so it should come as no surprise if I was actually pregnant right now. However, I don’t feel a thing. I always assumed a mother just “knows” these things. You know, like the second it happens, you would feel something out of the ordinary going on in your body. Right now though, if it wasn’t for my common sense, I wouldn’t even contemplate the possibility of a positive pregnancy test.

I don’t know if I should go ahead and test today, or wait another day or two.

I wouldn’t be too upset if it was negative. I have (surprisingly) not been fussed about it this past month. My main dilemma is that I could be wasting a perfectly good test.

I don’t know if I’ll resist the temptation though … So, yeah, you can probably expect an update within the next 24 hours :-p

♥︎ Lisa