I’m pregnant!!!

Wow, I did not see this coming! I know I mentioned before that we were hoping for another baby soon. But for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it right now and I thought for sure this month would be a dud. But what a great surprise this morning!!! At first, it was a super faint line, and it took more than 10 minutes to become this obvious. Granted, I did test way too soon and this is a super sensitive early test. So … here they are; our two lines of hope!

positive pregnancy test early extra sensitive predictor brand

I’m ecstatic and worried sick at the same time. Please let this end well. Please let this baby stick and grow and be born alive and healthy. I can already tell I’m going to be hiding like a hermit during the next 8 months. And there are already so many things to worry about. We had planned to go out tomorrow to have dinner at a restaurant and then watch a movie at the theater. I’m already worried about that. Won’t I have to walk too much from the car and back? Will the food be clean and safe? Will there be some sick person coughing in our necks at the theater? Oh boy. Let the paranoia begin.

In the mean time, here are all the fun facts and milestones that I’ll be looking forward to.

Today I found out that I'm pregnant! I am 4 weeks and 0 days pregnant - about 251 days to go - my due date is monday july 11 2016 11th

The estimated due date is most likely off, as this is just an internet gadget. We’ll see what the doctor says at our first ultrasound. With Sam, it was 3 days ahead of what the doctor ended up estimating. I haven’t called for my first appointment yet, which is very unlike me. But I figured since I tested a bit early this time around, it can wait a few days. Plus, if things go wrong this week, at least I won’t have to call back to cancel. That would suck for sure.

I’m glad Gert has the whole week off from work. I was able to tell him right away this morning, and we’ll get to enjoy our little secret together this entire week :-)