It’s Almost Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas and I can only hope this year’s festivities will be nice and relaxing! It’s usually such a hectic stressful time. This is not what Christmas should be about, right? We started putting our tree together, and it’s looking quite pathetic at the moment. This was me – tired but still optimistic – before we got started:

Then the trouble began. It took me an hour to get all the lights secured in the tree, only to realize towards the end that there weren’t enough of them to reach the top. *Great* So, remaining as calm and composed as possible, we headed to the horribly crowded store to buy some more. We were in luck; they still had the exact lights we needed. Granted, they only had the short versions … so there started our dilemma: do we take one, with the risk of it not being enough? Or do we play it safe and buy two, knowing we may actually only need one? What to do? Being the budget-minded person that I am, I decided to only buy one. We came home, and of course, we should have bought two. So I was like, screw it, I give up for today. We’ll finish it later.

That was last Saturday. Meanwhile, we have added one crucial decoration to this year’s tree:

From wrecking ball to Christmas ball! How cool is our little Miley?

Jules (the cat) doesn’t seem to like her very much. Miley went flying yesterday. But she’s such a strong young lady; she made it back safely on her branch in one piece.

My plan for today is to take all the lights out of the tree and start all over again. This time, making sure that I spread the lights enough so they will cover the entire tree. And then, maybe *MAYBE* we’ll go ahead and take our Christmas picture so we can order our Christmas cards in time and send them before Christmas eve, for once. Unlike all the previous years so far …

I won’t even start whining about the nightmare that Christmas shopping is going to be. So this is it for now!

More later!

♥︎ Lisa