It’s almost Summer!

It’s almost Summer, and I wish I could post tons of pictures of pretty Summer dresses and sunny backgrounds, but truth is: it’s cold as Fuuuudge! It seriously feels like 14 degrees outside with this Northern wind from Hell. Jesus. I have very little hope for a nice hot Summer. But alas, I decided to decorate the fireplace for the season …

I just love and adore this little garden gnome! 💚 ✌️ I almost wish I had one to suit every season. His glasses can actually be removed and I can’t help but take them on and off all the time, it’s ridiculous lol

I also got this awesome cabbage candle holder from Zara Home. I’ve had it on my Pinterest account for the longest time, but I thought 7€ was a bit expensive, and shipping was an extra 14€! Wow! No way. But then I got a discount code + free shipping so I ended up buying it for 5€ total, which I figured was decent.

It looks so pretty at night 🌟🌙

I also wanted to take a final picture of my hair today, because tomorrow I am FINALLY getting it cut! This was long overdue and I can’t wait for it to look better, because this is seriously getting out of hand.

I just can’t stand it anymore. It’s too long and lifeless and just blahhh. I’m keeping it long though. So don’t expect anything radically different lol  But it will definitely be shorter than this, and hopefully with some layering and basically more thickness and volume (I hope). It’s just so damaged at this point. If the hairdresser does a decent job and I don’t feel like hiding in shame for the next 3 months, then I will update with an “after” picture :-)

♥︎ Lisa