January 2016 sales: my new Scapa booties

scapa shoes brown leather ankle booties flat small heel buckles 2015 collection 2016 sale
scapa shoes brown leather ankle booties flat small heel closeup buckle detail 2015 collection 2016 sale

I’ll be honest: I absolutely hate shopping for shoes. It’s always so difficult to find a pair that is:
-1- Not ridiculously expensive
-2- Feels comfortable
-3- Seems solid enough to survive at least one year of normal wear

So I walked into the first shoe store – which I will not name, but it’s a popular one – and basically everything was of poor quality and 90% was uncomfortable as Hell. I don’t do the whole “breaking in” approach with shoes. Because let’s face it: there is no guarantee that an uncomfortable shoe will ever become comfortable. It either fits nicely or it doesn’t.

I had my eyes set on one pair that felt quite alright, which was bang on budget at 70€ (priced down from 90€). But then this random girl snatched them right in front of my face as I was about to take the box to buy them. I will skip the whole drama that unfolded next. So to cut a long story short: I went to the store across the street while mumbling to myself “I didn’t even like them anyway.” And that’s when I found this pair of lovely Scapa booties!

I tried them on and they fit like a glove. They were well around my budget too, with a price of 75€ (priced down from 150€! wow). Definitely a good deal! Even better than the shoes I didn’t get from the other store, which had a smaller discount and were synthetic; while these are real leather.

Yay for a good find! I can’t wait to wear them!