Just one of those crappy rainy days

Could this weather suck any worse? It’s been raining nonstop for almost 12 hours now, and it’s so dark that I basically had the lights on all day. Good thing we switched to LED recently. With electricity prices going through the roof here in Belgium this year, I’m hoping this will somewhat limit the damage on our next bill.

Anyway, I went shopping with my mom yesterday. We go to our local shopping mall together about 2 or 3 times a year. So this isn’t like a frequent thing for us. And I hate how extremely frugal and tame we get lol I only bought two things! TWO things! A far cry from all those shopping hauls I see online every day. Oh well! Here it is!

A much needed pair of beige pants. I had actually been looking for those everywhere for God knows how long. I had the hardest time finding a pair that actually fit me properly AND felt comfortable. And then I also got a skirt which is sooo stretchy. The waist is completely elasticated, so there are no buttons or zippers at all. It’s the most comfortable thing ever. The pants are also a bit stretchy, which feels so much better than the more rigid versions.

Both are from C&A. It’s my all time favorite store. I find it quite a shame how underrated it seems to be. Their prices are so competitive. I got my pants and skirt for 19€ each, which is a steal compared to all the other stores we checked out. The quality is also really nice. I love it!

I’m actually wearing the skirt right now, but with the weather being so dark and crappy at the moment, I can’t even be bothered to take a picture. Eh. I’ll post one later!