Just to be sure

I almost started doubting this pregnancy, because I don’t feel ANYTHING and have absolutely no symptoms. So I went ahead and bought a new pregnancy test.

It turned positive instantly. So there’s no doubt anymore that I am definitely pregnant with our first baby! I think it was also a fun thing to do while Gert was at home today; since I used the first test last week while he was at work. Now we were able to check out the test right away together. It’s funny, because this confirmation was almost like a new announcement to him. He was so happy!

Before I took it, we joked about “can you imagine if the first test was wrong and that this one turns negative? After we’ve told the parents!” LOL That would be embarrassing!

Now that we definitely know for sure, he’s going to tell his band tonight. Their singer is actually 4 months pregnant, so it’s a funny coincidence. I’m curious to hear about their reactions when he comes home later tonight. I hope she doesn’t think we decided to copy her lol We actually started trying in June, so, not our fault!

♥︎ Lisa