Merry Christmas 2013

This sure flew by again! This year’s celebration was a success, with everything well planned in advance. Definitely a no-stress Christmas for once. Here’s our Christmas portrait, which was printed as Christmas cards for both our families (my little yearly tradition). It’s my first card without Jack :-(

I don’t know why the printing company insists on making them so dark, but oh well.

I’m a little sick right now. Hopefully this won’t ruin New Year for me. My throat hurts all the way up to my ears, my stomach feels like it’s been punched, and my neck and arm muscles are sore. Not good! I got my flu vaccine done last week, but the doctor said it would take another week to really kick in, so I guess meanwhile I’m screwed.

New Year’s eve will be spent at home, just the two of us with Jules the cat. Nice and cozy, nothing crazy!

♥︎ Lisa