Merry Christmas 2014

miniature mini christmas tree snow fake decoration home interior fireplace small white winter
cat nose mouth closeup funny cute fur pattern colors julesthecat whiskers

I haven’t had time to upload our actual Christmas Day pictures yet, which shows just how busy we’ve been! Like it each year, it involved a lot of driving to different places and a lot, I repeat *A LOT* of food. Overall, I would say everything went according to plan. No major stress and no blunders. And we even got all our Christmas cards sent in time. Success!

Jules the cat hasn’t been too bored himself either. He got himself into trouble every single day of this past week …

burned burnt whiskers cat closeup

cat tucked into bed sheets comforter cute funny adorable

Among his most memorable moments:
– burned his whiskers by checking out candles from too close (no worries, he’s fine :-p)
– climbed into the Christmas tree, all the way to the top, which ultimately made the whole thing fall over. Twice.
– got into the dryer and then refused to come out for an hour
– sneaked into the washroom and managed to get himself locked up for 3 hours until I finally noticed (oy)
– buried himself into our bed and slept there a whole afternoon

And finally, some important news: we called and made an appointment with the chihuahua breeder! We’ll be going there on Monday to check out the dogs she has available right now. She’s got a few puppies ready for adoption, and one adult. She’s also expecting a new litter to be born in the next few days. So that’s pretty exciting, as we may be lucky and get to see them if they’re born by then. I’m definitely not ruling out the adult male she has though. We’ll see!

♥︎ Lisa