Minion Tic Tac (Limited Edition) – Product Review

Who else has tried these already? They’ve been out for more than 4 weeks now and probably won’t be around for much longer. First of all: how cute is the packaging? 😍 It is actually bigger than the regular Tic Tac boxes.

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This limited edition was released to promote the “Despicable Me” prequel movie; “Minions”, and comes in a sweet banana flavor. 🍌 The packaging exists in three versions I think, but my local store only had Kevin and Stuart. I’m guessing Bob was sold out. And the Kevin I bought was the last one on the shelf. Obviously, nobody likes Stuart.

Now, as usual, the American and Australian version is much funner, because each piece of candy has the face of a minion printed on it; as shown on this blog. While us Europeans get plain yellow sweets. They don’t really smell like banana. More like brown sugar. And the taste varies between banana and chewing gum, depending on how much you stuff in your mouth lol It’s hard not to empty the entire thing at once. Basically, Tic Tac can release any flavor they want, it’s always gonna taste good! I’m guessing they will be supplied for as long as the movie is being played in theaters. Which I’m assuming will be for the rest of August. And then I suppose they will start to disappear from the stores come September or October at the latest. They’re not even advertised on Tic Tac USA’s website anymore. So if you want to give these a try: it’s now or never!

♥︎ Lisa