My very own personalized Nutella mug!

Okay, so I missed the whole personalized Nutella jar craze. So when they launched the personalized mug, I was on it like a pro! Went to the store, bought my gigantic jar with the special sticker on it, and then I followed the insane amount of steps to get my FREE personalized mug. Let me write them all out for you, just so you can see how much I deserved this:

1 – Bought the gigantic jar in question
2 – Went to the website and filled out the form
3 – Then realized I had to attach a scan of my receipt, which I fished out of the trash (lol)
4 – Scanned receipt, completed the form and submitted it with scan of receipt attached
5 – Waited patiently for my unique code to order my mug
6 – Finally got my code 2 weeks later by e-mail
7 – Went to the website linked in said e-mail where I was able to upload my photo
8 – Then had to hit “submit” and AGAIN wait for two weeks for yet another code that would allow me to complete my request
9 – Finally got the last code I needed, along with an updated version of my photo (with “Nutella” and “Lisa” added to it)
10 – Then had to go to yet another link where I had to upload the new modified photo they gave me
11 – Then was able to FINALLY complete my request by submitting the last code I was given
12 – And waited for another two weeks to get my mug in the mail.

Whew! I know this is totally meant to discourage most people because companies just don’t like to give away free stuff. But when there’s free shit, I don’t give up! I complete every freaking step like a maniac until I reach my goal. So hooray! Here it is!!!

Free personalized Nutella mug cup photo name promotion Belgium portrait

And here’s the original portrait that was used:

You know you’re a perfectionist when you purposely take a portrait of yourself dressed in an entire outfit that’s color coordinated to match the brand. Should I be embarrassed? Maybe. Am I? No. I also wore a crap load of heavy makeup, because I figured the printed version on the mug may look too dull otherwise, and I have to say I’m pleased with the result. There’s something quite retro about it.

Now I’m not even sure I will ever actually use the mug. I’m scared the photo could fade away if I wash it too many times. lol So much effort … to end up not using it! HAH! It’s a cool item to own though. It’s on display in our glass cabinet right now :-)