Old camera, new shoes

Okay, we survived the heatwave! I’m a creature from the North, so +30°C is beyond my comfort zone. On a totally unrelated note: I decided to start using my old little Canon PowerShot SX1 IS camera again. And by “old”, I mean it was purchased in 2009. Which in camera years makes it about 20 years old. The pictures are obviously not as pretty and sharp as with my fancy EOS, but I’ve recently learned to appreciate its small size and light weight. So I think I’ll start carrying this one around from now on. Here’s a shameless selfie test (and a bathroom mirror one at that. How much lower can I sink?)

Canon PowerShot SX1 IS camera

I took the opportunity to snap a picture of my new loafers:

tommy hilfiger loafers shoes beige white laces shoelaces women's preppy classic outfit

We tackled the yearly July sales yesterday, in the hopes of finding some good deals. I desperately needed new shoes. And while I tried on some really nice heels, I let my practical / common sense take over and ended up picking these. They are officially the very first Tommy Hilfiger item to grace my closet. And I’ve never actually owned loafers before. So make that a double “new”. They were originally almost 70€, but I got them for about 40€. Not bad!

Looking at this picture made me realize how much I suck at tying my shoelaces. I don’t get how some girls manage to tie them all neatly, like they don’t even move in some shrivelled up noodle cluster while walking. lol Oh well!

♥︎ Lisa