One month old!

Wow, it “only” took me a week to put this blog post together. lol Time flies when you’re having fun! Or rather: when you’re so busy and exhausted that you can’t even find a spare hour to upload photos and type a quick update.

So, Emery turned one month old last week. He’s definitely grown a ton already.

I absolutely wanted to start taking a monthly picture so we would have a lovely 12 piece collection by the time he turns one year old. It’s going to be so interesting to put them all together and compare them next year. It turned out to be quite a challenge though. First, I had to find the right moment. Then I had to get Wolf out of the way!

And then I had to carefully remove the pacifier from his mouth – so we could actually see his face – while trying to avoid a diplomatic incident …

In the end, I think they look a bit shitty. But they will have to do. I’m not pleased about the colors and the light, but oh well. Challenge completed!

It turns out we have a bit of a pacifier addict in the house. I wasn’t too keen on introducing this to him, but he never waited long enough between his feedings and this is the only thing that seems to do the trick. We have slowly managed to decrease the number of feedings while increasing the amount of formula per feeding, so we are slowly regaining a bit of spare time in between. If we can even call it “spare” time lol

We got this pacifier from Gert’s brother a while ago. I never thought we’d end up using it, but alas, “papa is the best” is now plastered on Emery’s face.

Gert suggested we get a second one that says “mama is quite alright”. 😂

Okay, that’s about it for now. There are so many other things I had planned to take pictures of and add to this post. But I’m afraid they will have to be spread over several future blog posts, little by little. I can’t wait. 😊