One week already

Exactly one week ago today, I found out that I’m pregnant! It still doesn’t feel real to me though. I’m thinking about buying another pregnancy test this week just so I can be reassured and see it turn positive. I just don’t “feel” pregnant. I have no symptoms whatsoever, so that probably has a lot to do with it. I feel a bit more tired than usual, I sleep more, and I get out of breath quicker, and I also feel a bit dizzy in between meals. But even that is nothing extreme and could easily be overlooked if I wasn’t aware of the pregnancy.

I’m eagerly waiting for my first appointment on February 19th. I’ll be (clinically speaking) 8 weeks (which is really 6 weeks). And if I can hear the heartbeat and see at least SOMETHING on the screen, it will make it much more real to me, I’m sure.

Right now, there’s nothing I can do except eat healthy and take it easy. I’ve made it a point to stay as relaxed as possible, and I’ve banned heavy physical efforts from my routine. I do enjoy walking a lot though, and I wish my dog Jack was still alive, because he’d be the perfect excuse right now for long afternoon walks. Two things that make part of my daily menu now: fresh home made soup and junk-free smoothies made with fresh fruit.

I was so sure I’d be one of those candy-addicted types, but my sweet tooth has taken a seat back. I mainly enjoy home cooked meals now with veggies and meat and sauce + potatoes of any kind. I don’t really care for desserts anymore; which is nothing like my usual self. Here’s the official “Day 21” belly picture; minus the cat:

I don’t feel as bloated as last week, so that’s good. And contrary to the cliché: I don’t have any mood swings. I’ve never been prone to them in the first place, so I guess at this point I can say I’m completely immune.

As of yesterday, our little peanut has reached the Carnegie Stage 9 and looks like this:

You can clearly see the beginning of a brain.

Very exciting stuff happening today. Cells that will form the heart and central nervous system are starting to kick in. It’s too early for a placenta with amniotic fluid, so our little 2 millimeter baby is still getting its nutrients from a yolk sac for now.

♥︎ Lisa